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The Hope Centura Crew

Written by Alpacalama

The Hope Centura Crew is composed of Vir Kaaziel, Zircona-5 'Zircon', Matthew Ormstunga, KM-11 'Kiki', Ephir ta' Host, Baast 'Teentoo', and Winn Lu. Vir is the acting Commander of the Hope Centura, taking responsibility for the ship and the crew while Zircon acts as his Second In Command. Kiki is the Flight Engineer. Her ports allow her to interface with the ship and provide support with far more ease than any organic FE. Matthew is the Chief Military Officer, taking control of most fights the crew finds themselves in. Ephir and Teentoo fall under his jurisdiction, Ephir being the Gun Commander, and Teentoo being the Primary Combat Pilot. Winn provides medical assistance by being the Chief Medical Officer.


Every member of the Hope Centura has their equal share of responsibilities, although they vary from member to member. The commander is held responsible for managing the crew and taking care of cargo, whilst the SIC is responsible for crew relations and alliances.

Public Agenda

Currently, the Hope Centura has no outward goal.


The Lightyear, Scout 5 stealth class The Hope Centura, repurposed cargo ship


The crew was created when Zircon recruited Vir, Kiki, and Ephir to assassinate Queen Viviana. From then on it has grown to include Matthew Ormstunga, Baast 'Teentoo', and Winn Lu.

Demography and Population

The crew frequents the Delta-05 asteroid belt often, but other than that they have no other claimed territory.

Illicit, Rebel
Alternative Names

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