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Mining allows you to obtain ores.
  To mine ore, you first have to find where it's located. Ores can typically be found in caves, ranging from close to the surface to deep underground.
Having a higher Mining level will allow you to mine more valuable ores.  
Mining Process
You can mine once per long rest. This activity takes 1 hour.
For every +5 you beat the DC of the ore by, you get an extra one of it.
Sometimes, a lucky miner will dig up a precious gem. These gems can be sold for coin or crafted into fine jewelry. Your Mining level determines what gems you can find. When you successfully mine an ore, roll percentile dice. If you roll a 95% or higher, you mine a gem along with your ore. Roll 1d20 on the Gems table to obtain 1 precious gem.
Find the ore you’d like to mine. The DM determines if there is ore in a mine or cave, and of what type.  
  • Roll an Athletics skill check. If your roll equals or exceeds the ore's DC, you mine the ore.
  • Roll 1d4 to determine the quantity of ores you obtain.
  • You gain Mining XP equal to the level of the ore you obtained + your current Mining level (If you fail to mine an ore, you instead gain 1d4-1 Mining XP and the vein is destroyed).

Information on Ores / Clarification on Failing Mining Checks Each chunk of ore weighs 5 lbs.
If you fail a Mining check, you lose the ore and cannot make anymore checks for that ore because the vein is now destroyed.



To start Mining you will need at least:
  • 14 STR
  • Pick, Miner’s (2 gp – PHB page 150)
  • Dedicated Backpack (2 gp – PHB page 150) or any large enough container to hold ores

Career Progression

XP to Level a Profession
Level Title XP Required
1 Novice 0
2 Apprentice 10
3 Expert 30
4 Master 60
5 Legendary 100

Other Benefits

Achieving Level 5
  • Character gains use of Darkvision.
  • Character gains access to Mining Guilds and knows the location of any important mining areas such as caves and quarries.
  • Dwarves and other NPCs who love to mine become friendlier.



To gather materials


Ore And Gem Descriptions

This rare hellish ore glows like dim coal embers and is warm to the touch. Abyssal ore's fiery properties make it highly sought after in large city markets. Its metal bar is a deep black with dark red veins of heat pulsing through it.
This material can often only be harvested near magma or on evil planes of existence.
  A near-black, silvery ore with a slight sheen of green. Revered for its unbelievable strength, this metal is one of the rarest in the land. Its metal bar, adamantine, retains its dark color, however the green tinge because more apparent.
Most often, veins of adamantite are found deep underground and in the underdark, though the ore is extremely rare.
  This is a mythical ore, only rumored to exist.
It's speculated that divinite may have been created by the gods to give divine strength to whoever possesses this mythical metal.
No one knows what it looks like, nor what it does. Because of this, there are no ores or bars of this metal in the market.
  This chilling, slightly translucent pale blue crystalline rock emits a frosty haze around it. This icicle-like crystal is often used for its cold properties, which make it cool to the touch.
Its crystal-like metal bar, glacium, retains its translucent, pale blue color with icy-white veins visible inside.
It's commonly found in small veins in very cold climates such as tundras or even the coldest layers of the Nine Hells.
  A deep, dark crystal-like metal brimming with magical properties. Often nicknamed "mage-bane", this mythical ore rose to prominence for its powerful abilities to counter magic. Its metal bar, hexinine, is a dark purple with golden streaks.
This is a legendary ore, found only deep underground where ancient magic has melded with the stones.
  A very rare, deep, dark-red ore birthed by the Lords of the Nine Hells that is hot to the touch. It's infamous for its powerful fiery capabilities, and, even more significant; its ability to corrupt those who attempt to use it. Its metal bar retains its dark-red color, though strange, hellish voices can be heard spouting nonsensical incantations from it.
Infernal ore can only be obtained in the Nine Hells and its neighboring evil planes where it has seeped into.
  Kinetocite is a deep orange with silver flecks. For having strange interactions with moving objects, this metal is often overlooked by those who do not understand it's full potential.
Its metal bar, kinetocine, reverses its appearance; appearing as a dark silver with orange gilding.
Kinetocite is a metal uncommonly found in small veins in any cave system.
  A light, seafoam green crystal popular among those who wish to combine sword and sorcery. Its strong magical features allow lansith to draw enhance the magic and prowess of its wielder. Its refined crystal retains its pale green hue.
This rare crystal is most often found in deep caves and crystal caverns.
  A silvery metal with a slight yellow tinge. This material is often discarded or rejected by those unfamiliar with its capabilities. Due to its extraordinarily strange interactions with other metals - including the most common ones such as iron and steel - most markets avoid magnetite. However, its interesting capacities to attract and repel certain metals could be used to great effect if properly harnessed. Its metal bar, magnetine, retains its yellow-sheened silver.
It is found rarely in veins in deep cave systems.
  Malachite is a very rare, deep green colored ore. It's renowned for its extreme strength and its reactions with elemental effects. Its metal bar, malachine, retains its deep green color.
Malachite can be found in caves deep underground.
  Meteorite is a very rare ore most often found as a dark silver and brown speckled rock. It's known for having a peculiar floaty property to it as well as emitting a sizeable booming effect on hard impacts. Its metal bar is a silver with brown and black marbling.
Only found from rocks that have fallen from the skies and crashed into the prime material plane.
  A black and silver colored mineral. Famous for being extraordinarily lightweight without sacrificing strength. Its metal bar turns to a silvery-blue when smelted.
Mithril is a very rare ore found in deep caves systems underground and in the underdark.
  A jagged, jet black rock. Most people have found good use for it, given its high blast and pierce resistance. It's refined rock retains it's dark black color and forms a glossy sheen.
Obsidian is a rare rock found in areas where lava has rapidly cooled, typically where volcanoes on volcanic islands have erupted and the lava from this eruption has met the water at the shoreline.
  Orichalcum is an uncommon, pinkish-copper ore. It's renowned for its seemingly sentient connection to whomever wields something made by this metal. Its metal bar is a sweet, light pink copper color.
It can be found in deep cave systems.
  This uncommon, yellowish-green colored ore is infamous for its poisonous effects. Typically, this material is brandished by those who make a living getting away with murder. Its metal bar, pestilum, retains its vivid yellow-green color, and has a very slight sour aroma.
This mineral is found where diseased lands have infected the minerals within the stones below
  Plasmite is an extremely rare, bright white, gold speckled metal. It is revered for its heavenly properties, and the divine radiance it exudes. Its metal bar, stellar, retains its bright, radiant white color with gold marbling.
It is found only at the core of freshly fallen stars and meteors, or in the heavenly planes of existence.
  A rare black rock with grey flecks. It harnesses the powers of death, and is therefore avoided by most honest merchants. Its refined stone is a deep gray and black marble, and holding it makes you feel slightly weaker, as if it was draining you. This stone forms when the vengeful aura from a mass of death and rot seeps into its minerals. Typically, places like below ancient battlefields, or under a vampire's mansion.
  A yellow and grey mineral, venerated for its strikingly thunderous properties. Its metal bar boasts a deep, dark yellow color once smelted.
Thundinite can be found uncommonly in most ore veins.
  A very rare, dark blue metal which gained notoriety for affecting the most powerful of strikes made by and against its wielders. Its metal bar, urdrakhine, retains its dark, royal blue color.
Deposits of Urdrakhite can be found deep underground
  Whisperrock is a rare grey stone with purple flecks. It is infamous for its wielders to report quiet, breathy voices in their heads. Most experts believe the rock to be partially sentient, filled with the spirit of ethereal or astral beings caught inside.
Whisperrock can only be found regions of the prime material plane where it merges with the ethereal and astral planes. These typically include the boundaries of the planes, regions with high ethereal or astral planar influence such as portals, or places where the veil between the planes has begun to diminish.
  Dragonstones are a very rare, deep purple color, similar to an Amethyst. However, Dragonstone is known for the strange interior appearance of a small flame burning within it.
Dragonstone glows dim light within 5 feet.
  Xericia gems are extremely rare, naturally orange stones. But these beautiful gems are able to change their colors to any in the spectrum. By quickly shaking the gem, the colors fade into each other in the order of the rainbow.



Pickaxe, dedicated backpack   Items That Assist in Mining
Below are items that can assist in Mining.
  Pick, Miner's +1
  Tool, Uncommon
  This pick allows you to add a +1 to any Mining skill check you make to mine ores.
  Pick, Miner's +2
  Tool, Rare
  This pick allows you to add a +2 to any Mining skill check you make to mine ores.
  Pick, Miner's +3
  Tool, Very Rare
  This pick allows you to add a +3 to any Mining skill check you make to mine ores.
  Pick, Miner's (Fine)
  Tool, Common
  A tool made of good quality metal (Smithing level 2). This pick allows you to roll 1d6 when determining the quantity of ores obtained, instead of 1d4.
  Pick, Miner's (Superior)
  Tool, Uncommon
  A tool made of high quality metal (Smithing level 3). This pick allows you to roll 1d8 when determining the quantity of ores obtained, instead of 1d4.
  Pick, Miner's (Superb)
  Tool, Uncommon
  A tool made of high quality metal (Smithing level 4). This pick allows you to roll 1d10 when determining the quantity of ores obtained, instead of 1d4.
  Pick, Miner's (Supreme)
  Tool, Uncommon
  A tool made of high quality metal (Smithing level 5). This pick allows you to roll 1d12 when determining the quantity of ores obtained, instead of 1d4.
  Rudimentary Ore Locator
  Wondrous Item, Rare
  This device looks like a strange compass; circular with a rod pinned by one of its ends in the center.
This item had 4 charges and gains 1d4 charges every day at dawn. You may use an action to expend 1 charge. Upon doing so, the rod springs toward the highest DC ore it can detect within a 10 mile radius. It will then vibrate every time it is shaken. The more intense the vibration, the closer you are to the ore it is tracking. Once you come within 50 feet of the ore, this item shuts back off. When off, another charge may be expended to begin tracking an ore again.
Alternative Names
Exctracting, excavating
Raw Materials Gathering
Mining in the Local Area
  When miners would like to obtain ores without having the entire party follow them into caves, they may spend time searching for ore locally. Typically, this is done when the party is setting up camp or is busy with something else. This adds 2 extra hours to the activity.
The Finding Local Ores table shows the information about finding local ore without manually being in a cave already. All rolls made to find ores in this way are made by rolling an Investigation skill check. If you use the Rudimentary Ore Locator, lower all the DCs by 5.
If the player rolls a natural 1 on their Investigation skill check, the DM may decide to incur a small penalty on the player for being alone in the wilderness.
A Mining skill check must still be done once the ore has been found to determine if you successfully mine the ore. To mine any ore, you must still have the appropriate Mining level.
Not all ores can be found using this method.
Finding Local Ores
Ore DC to find
Copper 8
Tin 8
Coal 10
Iron 12
Silver 15
Orichalcum 18
Thundinite 20
Gold 22
Kinetocite 25

Gems are beautiful and vibrant stones, many ranging in a variety of colors. These decorative rocks are used in a vast array of things such as elaborate and ornamental crafting, sculpting, construction, and more. Their beauty, rarity, and widespread demand determines their high prices.  
Roll Gem Value
1-5 Sapphire 2 gp
6-8 Emerald 4 gp
9-11 Ruby 6 gp
12-14 Opal 8 gp
15-16 Diamond 1 pp
17-18 Onyx 3 pp
19 Dragonstone* 5 pp
20 Xericia* 10 pp

*High value; hard to sell (treated as magic items).

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Mining Level Ore Location DC Value
1 Copper Anywhere 3 2 cp
1 Tin Anywhere 3 1 cp
1 Coal" Anywhere 4 1 cp
2 Iron Anywhere 7 7 cp
2 Silver Anywhere 8 1 sp
2 Orichalcum Deep Caves 10 5 sp
2 Thundinite Anywhere 11 6 sp
2 Gold Anywhere 11 1 sp
3 Pestilite Diseased Lands 10 7 sp
3 Glacite Deep Tundra Caves/Extreme Cold 10 7 sp
3 Abyssal Volcanic Regions/Evil-Aligned Outer Planes 11 1 gp
3 Ravenstone Haunted Lands/Ancient Battlefields 12 8 sp
3 Whisperrock Planar Boundaries 12 8 sp
3 Kinetocite Anywhere 12 9 sp
3 Lansith* Deep Caves/Crystal Caverns 13 9 sp
3 Obsidian Volcanic Regions 14 1 gp
4 Magnetite* Deep Caves/Underdark 13 1 gp (7 gp)
4 Meteorite* Meteors 15 4 gp
4 Mithril Deep Caves/Underdark 16 3 gp
4 Urdrakhite Deep Caves/Underdark 17 4 gp
4 Malachite* Deep Caves/Underdark 17 5 gp
5 Infernal*~ Evil-Aligned Outer Planes 18 8 gp
5 Adamantite* Deep Caves/Underdark 20 1 pp
5 Plasmite*~ Fresh Meteor Cores/Good-Aligned Outer Planes 22 2 pp
5 Hexinite*~ Magic-Imbued Deep Caves/Crystal Caverns 24 4 pp
5 Divinite* Good-Aligned Outer Planes 28 -

*High value; hard to sell (treated as magic items).
"Item is considered "abundant": double the number rolled when determining quantity obtained.
~ Item is considered "sparse"; halve the number rolled when determining quantity obtained (to a minimum of 1).


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