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Osfynn is a semi-transparent, flexible, strong material made from the woody perennial plant Os, which is found in the damp Mistlands and in Shyfayll. Os branches have a hollow, tubular structure that renders them with great tensile strength. When treated with salted iron essence, Os branches can be shaped in different forms and the resultant material is known as Osfynn. Osfynn can be further processed into fibres which are woven into a beautiful, thick, cloth-like material that retains the bluish color of the original plant as well as its durability.   Osfynn tubules are used in architecture, where their strong support structure and custom shapes affords seemingly impossible constructions. Osfynn cloth is used in fashion and sculpting. Due to its high costs, Osfynn is only used for the most elite, delicate, grandiose or glamorous of purposes.  

Ritualistic production

The processing of Os branches into Osfynn tubules or cloth has traditionally been reserved for religious circles from the Shyfayll province of the Kingdom of Laeryll. Creating Osfynn is an esoteric process that was mastered by them. Through the centuries, they have taught the methods to those who persuaded them to do so, and scattered across the Northern Arm are small-scale Osfynn producers. Most of these produce lesser quality than the Shyfayllians, with the exception of an operation running from The Mouth.


Material Characteristics

The Os tree tubules have a smooth, almost metallic surface, but they are warm to the touch. The wood of the main stem is divided into segments of about three meters tall and the tree branches out on top of the second segment and above. Branches from the main stem consist of tubules with a smaller diameter than the main branch has, and more closely spaced segments.   The color of the tubules is strongly pale blue in a living tree, but once cut down its wood is semi-transparent, with a white-bluish hue remaining.

Geology & Geography

The Os tree is found in northern Shyfayll and, predominantly, in the Mistlands. In Shyfayll, the tree has been ascribed divine attributes and is revered by worshipers of the Bird Gods. In the Mistlands, the tree is difficult to reach due to the many dangers of the territory.


Trade & Market

The highest quality Osfynn can be purchased from a druidic grove near Ruhukoyrr in Shyfayll. It is a luxury good that is only sold to those who can clearly specify what the purpose of the product will be.
350 gp / kg
Nutty, woody
Pale blue
Related Locations

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