WorldEmber 2022 Pledge

I, Crabette, will write something during December.

I'll be honest, I don't like writing pledges as it can play with my anxiety and very bad imposter syndrome, however, I am quite wanting a prep badge after missing out on Spooktober. So, here I am. This year, after buring myself out with 10k, I have no expectations of myself, except to bloody write.

Hopefully, I won't start another world during Worldember like I did last year, sorry Chasuria, after realising how much backwork I would have to do because I forgot to write anything in regards to setting and whatever. Plus I wanted a different vibe to my world.

My Big Goals

  • Play with narrative voice in articles a lot more!
  • Organise & Tag, hopefully before December
  • Do all the date swapping.

Primary Projects


Democracy & Government

Democracy, or dvanomadat to the people of the UganeĢˆ Empire, is in vouge. After forays into the Yapan Valley and Otleramaina, more scholars have began to question the old ways; is a monarch truly divine and needed? Who can commune with the Gods?   Mayua II Lyu's, or more so his ministers, reforms have opened the door for the 'Day without Kings' as the agitators call it. The Taminow Zuzan was once no more than a silly advisory council, a rubber stamp court, filled will lesser nobles in the pockets of Bretheren. Now, they have power and men like Vict Hodenay (or his wife) could not stop pushing if they so wished.   Democracy could come and coexist with the nearly millenia-old tradition of kings. Or, as the tension in air can forsee, it could end with blood and gore.  

'A Woman's Place'

Life is a man's game; politics and military are forbidden to them. The arts are difficult path to treck; are you boring and obscure but still virtious or do you make a statement with you work and be known as either traitor or whore. And what arts anyways?  

Little People

People seem to naturally focus on kings; the stories are a thousand times more dramatic in a tradegy when kings and high people are involved. But those in the audience, in the rowdy bit downstairs where fighting fruit sellers and prostitues is a common thing, are just as fascinating.


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19 Nov, 2022 01:38

I love seeing stories that focus on the "little people". Have you ever read "The Door in the Wall"? It's a great kids/YA novel!