Pitya's Skwoko

"Young ladies lounge and flirt like sailors 'ere! It's a scandal, but every rebellious lass is drawn towards what is not for her ears or tongue. As for its other patrons, they perhaps are a worser vermin. When they enter, a stout lass greets them. She gives a lewd glance and talks in the 'new fashion' and whose pleasure comes from men's gawking. The old bloke at the bar is an agreeable chap, if not a zookeeper, watching over the depravity he allows. Hoisted upon me in my visit: lovers are intimate in public and the 'educated' talk of treason and liaisons if they are not fixed upon a game of Boston."
  For many a wilful noble daughter or moping artist, Pitya's Skwoko is a second home. A stone's throw away from The Bilogsh Temple and Hen Zla aa hen Woo Bi Memomani, the tavern serves many purposes. Yet, most of all, it is the heart of a community.  

The Building

The Pitya family built the drinking house in 2122 on the grounds of many buildings before it. Considering its location in the historic Sangisha district, it has a rather modern facade. However, like many of its surrounding buildings, it still maintains a rather ramshackle appearance.  

The Pitya Family

The Pitya family are not native Luzians, moving from the village of Taj around the time of the construction of their Skwoko. They were headed by the notoriously ambitious pair, Hyuh Pitya and his wife Glena. The family grew their business from a small local affair to a city attraction. Not that the work of their descendants is not important. Chief, in their legacy, is their granddaughter, Xia Bulna. People know her for establishing the house's colourful reputation.   The tavern is currently owned by the gregarious and good-spirited Jomt Pitya and his somewhat unpleasant wife, Se Vahamit. It is staffed by a rotation of a couple of folk, most notably Neelu Eli as rumours abound about her and Vahamit's relationship.  


Place of Leisure

A Skwoko is a place to relax for many, as it should be. A game of boston or other cards is usually on at one or more tables. Perhaps even 'board-games' are on offer. Or, if games are not your fancy, there is someone who desires companionship.


Besides games and conversation, there are occasional performances on offer. As it is the headquarters of performing groups and political organisations, there can be plays and sometimes opera. Jomt Pitya might tell you, if you are inclined to visit, that there have been many times where a bar fight has started over a racy ballad or political satire.  

Meeting House

The tavern is the primary meeting space for many demographics. Exploited by Pitya's, there have become defined groups of patrons. The family also hosts weddings (at least the evening) in their facilities. Two societies use the tavern as their meeting place: Kal Bihā bē kal Yol and a troupe of entertainers who call themself Hen Sma Plogshëw.

Penny University

University is inaccessible to the lower classes and to women. But, for its attendants and even its professors, the debate rules are too strict. So, the young upper-class men turn to their drinking houses. These men talk of politics in a freer fashion, not restrained by academics. Often this is fighting talk, some leaving with a couple of bruises. Occasionally, the men talk of their higher studies. A calmer conversation topic, indeed. This knowledge is precious for those who wish to learn but somehow cannot. So, the drinking houses have become hotbeds of knowledge for the masses.

A place of Public Notices

Lost mail! Important documents possibly intercepted. The courier I’ve been expecting has not arrived after a week. Please inquire at 2 Tsvibu-Dnay, ask for Bala Luer.

A shipment of rare books comes. Aain Glun needs help to unload them. 100 Na'a. Not responsible for any injuries.

Nwa Voos Dagha is looking for an entertainer to entertain guests on 12 Laja. 14 Na'a and a hearty meal for the evening.

LOST! Young boy named Enali. Missing for a week. Last seen playing on the riverside. Reward if found.

The Public house is the first (and last) place a person will see a notice, a request or a warning. Places like the Pitya family's Skwoko take advantage of that. Since the beginning, there has been a board to where people place their notices. These can vary from requests to life announcements.  


Go there most days, you will see a vast array of folk. Most strikingly is the women, usually merchants or nobles in nice dresses, will be sat there. Sometimes, they will talk about politics or gossip. Sometimes there will be a game of some sort - chess or boston - or there will be a time to soak in the taste of root beer and whatever the Chef has cooked.
Because of its location and reputation, the Skwoko attracts a diverse crowd. Human or otherwise, man or woman of all ages and careers.
Pitya's Skwoko

Tavern Menu

Mrs Pitya, while rather unplesant, is known to be an excellent cook. If patrons don't come for an argument or a good drink, it is for food. The menu varies but all ingridents are sourced (as proclaimed by Se herself) locally.
  • Shallot Tatins with Cheese
  • Dvash (Lamb) Sandwiches
  • Scorched Pollock and eel salad
  • Clam Pasta
  • Vehamit's secret Lamb Chops
  • Current Owners
    Jomt Pitya and Se Vahamit
    Founding Date
    Alternative Names
    'The House', Pitya's Den
    Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
    Notorious society gossips, Ilza Zhat and Mino Ikshi, always have something to say and with places such as Pitya's Drinking house, they will devour any form of news. This particular establishment is one of their favourites, and they regularly enjoy and drink and some cards alongside the other patrons.   As this time, the rumour that has took their fancy is about the barmaid Chita Ilnok. Or as they would write it, Shia Ilnok. A girl of ambigious age, somewhere about their age, Kodzhavd, and silent as a mouse. Some question her identity, wondering of how connected she is to Euhmed Jaskja.

    Games and passtimes

    Games and gambling are some of the many hobbies that take place in this so-called 'den of debauchery'. Some of these games are from close to home, the thousand-or-so versions of playing cards and dice games. Though 'board-games' have been introduced to the drinking houses of Voost and Luze through southern merchants returning from the Vanoi Empire amongst other places.


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