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Iwis Tuuzaraj's basic Izij Phrases

This guide is for the Sanifabayzij amongst us, or to not confuse the reader, a non-Izij man or woman. Of course, I know my Izij brothers will choose to buy this guide to scribble out whatever mistakes I might make but I assume my audience is probably Uganë of some variety. We Izij have come in our flocks from further afield than I think most of you can imagine with our strange tounge of long words.   I make the assumption that by buying it you are of the more learned or compassionate variety rather than wishing us to stop, in the words of a certain Dakhan Lyënv 'infesting our good cities with their spices and the smell of corpses like parasitic worms'. Firstly, we apologise that we people like flavour to our cuisine and value our religious practice. Secondly, I think we are more mosquitoes than parasitic worms, but that is a debate for another time.   Theoretically, I could write more words, basic vocabulary and idioms that come up in day to day life. But I am not a linguist - many of my Izij brothers are and have compiled dictionaries. Or, for idioms, you could go ask an Izij person - I am not your mother, I merely write angry pamphlets.  


Shafivizirivuuj! - Hello

Ung niwuru, or Ina - Please

Niwur un uyfi - Thank you

Puwam - Yes

Sanij - No

Uniram jut - Good day

Uniram sanis - Good night

Ubiyuj ilus uyfi - How are you?

Puj ung uniram - I am well

Puj ung sanifuxal (or shiram)

- I am bad

Puj unnax lir... - My name is...

Ubiyuj uynax lirfe? - What is your name?

Niwuru-ung - Nice to meet you

Ugukumayvi - Excuse me

Riniwam ung - I am sorry

Ubiyuj iifaing uj? - Can you help me?

Tuxal? - When is it?

Firunarur? - How much does it cost

Puj ung sanuvivaziris - I am lost

Ubiyuj iniing... - Where is...?

Put – Her

Sh - There

Shiram ivamik - On the left

Uniram ivamik - On the right

Lifas - In front

Yat - Behind

Putug - At the corner

Sang izij ung tuxuvifi Uvizij - I do not speak Izij very well

Ubiyuj izij uj Ugane? - Do you speak Ugane?

Iziwiwam ung Ugane. - I want to speak Ugane with you.


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2 Jan, 2023 11:39

I love how this is formed as an in-world book! You could improve it by having a gloss, or a literal translation of the phrases. Their culture sounds super interesting, so I'd love to see if the culture shows in the idioms somehow! It would also be cool to have a character article of the author!

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Grandmaster Crabetty
Elizabeth Trkova
2 Jan, 2023 17:58

Thank you so much! Will take the ideas onboard. I was on a time crunch so I didn't add things I should have.

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3 Jan, 2023 07:53

I really like this phrase book collection idea. It gives a taste and makes me want to see where this comes from and what surrounds it. Off to read some Khalan articles!

28 Jan, 2023 09:29

Love this. I'm struggling to construct languages, and putting together a limited vocabulary in this way might help get it off the ground.

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