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Dnan Yamtu

“People who enter the Dnan Yamtu like to think of themselves as the highest in society (bar the servants who follow) but that place, when boiled down to its essence, is a rowdy hall where gentlemen fight over trivial issues, the strangers advocate their own interest and the people outside complain about their hunger.”
— Aìza Salat
  The Dnan Yamtu is the home to The Council of Brethren, the highest council within the empire alongside the famous Council of Strangers. Legendarily, it is here where Puhan the Patient (or Great), unified other the 7 Amtar Chiefs under his heel, though this is hotly debated as the Emperor's Hall likes to also boast that honour.  

The Building

The Dnan Yamtu is located in the Ortema District of Vost, separated on one side from the city by the crumbling ruins of the Vladan Walls. It is three stories high and rather large inside.   The downstairs is rather plain and is the furthest most servants will ever step into the Dnan Yamtu.   Up the well-maintained staircase is the primary meeting hall. In the centre of the room is where motions are put forth and debated with seats for the council (plus their varying sizes of entourage) on three sides. On the north side of the building is the Emperor’s Irwa alongside the 7 seats for his chosen council.   The third floor is the mostly untouched bedchamber for the Vidama, the neutral chair of the fiery debates that occur. Though it was never a position bore by Aíza Salat as the Vidama has to be of The Council of Brethren, it was noted that here the ever paranoid Salat (especially after his attempted assassination) was one of two places he could ever get a comfortable and uninterrupted night’s sleep.  


Dnans have always been a seat of power and leadership for the Amtar culture. Though palaces were common, for a culture which valued debate so highly, it was said no chief was powerful unless his Dnan was abuzz.   As Vost has been the home to the most powerful Amtar Chief for most of history, there has been a Dnan present somewhere in Vost since the 5th century. The original Dnan historians have no traces of and do not know where it was. However, it is likely that bits and pieces of the original building were used in the construction of the Dnan in which Puhan united his lords into an empire.   The building burnt down in the great fire of Vost during the reign of the unlucky Dvu Niha. Between the fire and the Dnan’s rebuilding in 1505, it was the first time Vost was without a Dnan since the first 11 centuries ago. This building is home to modern Dnan Yamtu with some new furnishings and maintenance to keep the building in some fashion .  


The rules which come with this building are holdovers from the Amtar traditions.   No women (unless the emperor commands) should enter the hall, after all in the Kastavic Law it is written that ‘no woman shall take command over a man unless life is in danger’. Then the woman should wear the Anagza and a highly modest ritual wear, the Vagepo.   No men from outside of the clan. As the government was a family affair in the Amtar way of things, it made sense for the Dnan to be a place only for members of the clan. Today the rule has changed to be that no men who are not Ugane can enter the hall, not even servants. Very few servants enter the actual room where it happens but unless tradition (resistant to change due to a new bout of conservatism) changes, none will be the Taehë folk who need the government’s help the most.
Founding Date
~5th Century
Parent Location
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization

The Opinions of Gossips

Notorious social gossips Ilzha Zhat and Mino Ikshi always have something to say and know nearly everything that goes around high society. But the Dnan Yamtu remains their greatest mystery and source of speculation.   Zhat's older brother is a secretary for one of the Brethren's men, their father desperate to get in the King's good graces. She bothers him often about anything going on in the Dnan but, annoyingly, he remains tightly closed-lipped. It makes her even more curious, though she is not yet done with trying to squeeze the information out of him by any means she has.   Meanwhile, Ikshi can almost imagine the atmosphere in her daydreams. As a noblewoman, it would be a miracle for her to even stand in the doorway and the few men she knows. Part of her is resigned to wondering. Yet as a woman of means and immense curiosity, her next scheme is an attempt in bribing a servant she knows is having an affair with a well-respected secretary. It probably won't work but she'll try anyway, often replying to Zhat with 'What is the harm of 100 mistakes?'.


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