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Session III: The Report Report

General Summary

The party retreated from the sewers of Hersa, heading to meet with Primus Decimus Aratus and Pavorn about the situation in Hersa. Amara split off from the group to meet with her sister, Elizabeth Marsiris, and let her and the Hersa Guard force know about the danger in the sewers. During their travel, Krasen attempts to get clothes from the Royal Guards who are handing them out to the poor folk of the Imperator's Slums. That fails horribly, however, due to Cassius cleaning them up with prestidigitation and mending.
They arrive at the Dragon Citadel and discover a quarrel between a High Elf Dragon Knight named Flavius Magnus and a Half-Orc Dragon Knight recruit. The High Elf is revealed to be an ancient dragon due to his Frightful Presence which scares half the party. They head into the Citadel and discover that the Royal Guards are there as well. They wait for some time outside which allows Amara to catch up with them and they are allowed inside.
They meet with Magister Aratus and meet Gallus Maximus Silanus, the Imperator of Lalas. Through conversation, they discover that:

a) The Royal Protector let them know that the Royal Heir might've survived the attack

b) The Assembly decided to have a backdoor meeting to veto Marcus's veto on the slavery law.

c) The majority of the people who voted the law in were Rusanic as well
After the meeting to go and prepare, each doing their own things. Desolo, Daniel, Zoya, and Desi went back to the tavern but discover the burned corpse of the assistant of Aelar Prevasi, a famous dark elf cook, who was attacked from the Sewers by a flame wyrmling. At the same time, Daniel hears about Mamur Maruso who was abducted as well and freaks out, revealing that he was an orphan who was taken in by that cleric.
With the other group, Krasen and Cao Su break away from Rupert. Rupert heads to Laduli's Extraordinary Arsenal where he meets Laduli the Half-Elf and Urzag the Bezerker Orc. He attempts to buy some materials but the price range is too much for him. He's given a chance to get a discount by getting Laduli materials and is handed a Bag of Holding for his trouble. He then heads to the tavern to meet up with the others.
Amara, heading to meet up with the group with Ytias, discovers that her sister is wanted for desertion and Elizabeth's former tent member, Farus told the higher-ups about it. Angered but worried about her sister, Amara tracks her down and tells her to leave the city at nightfall.
Krasen and Cao Su head back into the sewers to check out the area and discover two hostages in the room opposite the Black Dragons. They rescue Aelar and Maruso but the former steps in a puddle, causing a water elemental to attack. Cao Su is nearly killed but they are able to defeat the water elemental and escape. Krasen does get a glimpse of the resting half-dragon, being prayed over by the Commander of the Black Dragons.
The members of the party meet back up in the tavern and recuperate, receiving a reward from the tavern owner who got Aelar Prevasi as a cook. At the end of the session, they discover the dead body of Farus killed with a message for Amara. A dragon knight badge is pinned in the chest of Farus and the party rests for the night soon after.

Rewards Granted

  • A Banquet from Matia for getting her an experienced cook
  • Inspiration Points
    • Amara Marsiris - 10 IP
    • Cassius Clovis - 15 IP
    • Desolo Karxire - 15 IP
    • Rupert Longbottom - 10 IP
    • Shi Jian Krasen - 30 IP
    • Zoya Groza - 10 IP

Missions/Quests Completed

  • A Missing Cook
  • A Missing Cleric

Character(s) interacted with

  • Flavius Magnus: A dragon who's part of the Dragon Knights. His family has been a member of the Dragon Knights since the time of the Kesian Empire.
  • Primus and Pavorn: They reported to them about the situation in the sewers where they were told to head back down there and kill the cultists.
  • Gallus Maximus Silanus: Imperator of Lalas and revealed to have no hand in the slavery law that was passed by mainly Rusanic Assembly ideas.
  • Elizabeth Marsiris: Sister of Amara who is wanted for desertion from the Lalasian Military.
  • Laduli and Urzag: Owners of the local Smithy
  • Aelar Prevasi: Famous cook
  • Mamur Maruso: Cleric at Draconic Temple


  • Received a Bag of Colding from Laduli

The Empire of Dragons
Report Date
14 Jul 2019
Primary Location
Hersa: Capital of Lalas

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