Tensions Rise

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For ages, the Seethe, the face of evil, crept over the land. Unhindered. Uninhibited. Corrupting or draining the life from everything it touched. As it consumed more of the land, it grew ever more ravenous, its appetite ever more endless. A hundred years ago, the plague of shadow became so ferocious that it threatened to devour the entire world. The races of mortals had to band together in skill and courage to stand against the hideous promise of eternal night. The Human race, dauntless and resourceful and exhibiting boundless reserves of energy. The Fairy race, full of grace and magic and with memories as long as the shadows cast by their palaces of oak and pine. The Primal race, driven by instinct and connected to their feelings with unshakeable resolve. The Angelic race, descended from the heavens and wielding unearthly power in the strength of their convictions. Good triumphed over evil. And yet, even as they celebrated their victory, the sages and priests of the mortals could tell that evil wasn't vanquished. It was only broken, driven back into the dark places from which it came. Even in the first years of the new era, power-hungry opportunists occupied the emptiness left in the wake of the cataclysmic conflict between the forces of good and evil. These transcendent wizards stole power left behind by the darkness and seized remnants of power abandoned by the light. They are the Shadow Kings.