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White Wolverine

The White Wolverine is one of very few creatures that has made its home on the highest peaks of the Bodurn Mountains. Snow exists here all year round, making it difficult terrain for most forest creatures to survive in. The white wolverine thrives. This creature is a daytime hunter, using its white coat to blend in with snowy landscapes, and its strong sense of smell to seek out nocturnal rodents that sleep buried in the snow during the day.  


White wolverines are marsupials and generally have litters of 2-5 pups. The pouch allows a mother wolverine to carry her litter with her as she hunts, eliminating the need for a den and keeping her pups warm in the harsh, cold climate. White wolverine pups stay in the pouch for four weeks before emerging for the first time. The mother immediately begins to teach them to hunt and fend for themselves, and her litter is expected to care for themselves after only eight more weeks before setting off on their own.    Almost always a wolverine litter splits away from each other completely, however, there have been a few reports of two wolverines hunting together. Likely littermates, two wolverines would be a deadly combo to most creatures in Kelunbar, even a Six-Clawed Bear

Small and Mighty

The white wolverine is smaller than other wolverines, likely due to the fact that there are fewer food sources high up on the mountain than deep in the forest. Despite this, they are still vicious. They make up for their size with vicious claws and a powerful bite, allowing them to grab onto prey of any size. White wolverines have been known to hang onto an unlucky deer many times larger than them for hours, waiting for inflicted wounds to bleed out. This is one of many reasons that deer rarely go too far up the mountains.
12 Years
Average Weight
15-35 lbs
Geographic Distribution

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