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Tokensaturn Mudslide

In 1131, during a particularly rainy birth season, disaster struck the skee city of Tokensaturn.  
I remember hearing the rumble first. It reminded me of the tales that my ma used to tell me about when wyverns were big as the moons. I was knitting a small shawl and was afraid I would lose my stitches if I stopped at that moment, and so I sent my son to look outside for me.   I remember what he shouted at me clearer than anything else that day. "Ma! The hills are crumbling!"   We were one of the lucky ones. When the ground hit us I got tossed 'round, but our tree got pushed to the side instead of falling into the lake or going underground.   I don't remember much about what happened afterwards. When I try to think about what the city looked like afterwards it's like my mind becomes slippery.
-Vos Soru Rerisa, Survivor


This tragic event caused the death of half of the population of Tokensaturn City at the time: one hundred and two deaths. The city still hasn't completely recovered from this loss in numbers.   The mudslide destroyed all but one tree of the city, and took out the forest for three miles before hitting Lake Paho. The lake lost about one sixteenth of its size from this event.


Today, most scholars agree that this mudslide occurred due to excessive rain that year. This mudslide is not the only one that has ever happened in Kelunbar, but it was the largest.   The scale and the coincidence that Tokensaturn was directly in its path lead more superstitious skee to believe that this happened because of the abandonment of the Beings.  


After the mudslide, the skees chose to stay near Lake Paho and moved the city to the west of the destructiong, staying as near as they could to the one tree left standing. This tree had been a temple to Skumas, Being of Inquisitiveness, and the skee took this as a sign that they were meant to stay close, and eventually turned this tree into the famous Tokensaturn Library.

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Author's Notes

This article was originally created for World Anvil Summer Camp 2020 for the prompt: Write about the events of a devastating natural disaster in your world, either past or present.

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When I try to think about what the city looked like afterwards it's like my mind becomes slippery.
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