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The 15th Day of Firesun 18854KR

Created by

Loremaster Aemon by artbreeder


The World is Kelios


The Continent of Kelldoria

The main focus is on the Continent of Kelldoria,which is a Great landmass that consists of thousands of miles of open Grassland Plains, rolling Hills, rugged Mountain Ranges, Rivers & Lakes, burning hot Deserts, Marshland, Ancient Woodlands and Enchanted Forests.  

The Savage North (The Northern Wastes)

At the top of the world are The Northern Wastes, a harsh environment of wind-swept Tundra, Deep Boreal Forests, Freezing cold Rivers and High Snow, and Ice encrusted Mountain Peaks.    

The Three Kingdoms

The Kingdoms of Elosia, Pelosia and Gondonia make Central Kelldoria's Heartland along with the Fallen Empire of Thentia and the once Slave Nation of Thracia.   Across the Narrow Sea is the ever expanding Talosian Empire.    

What to Expect in Kelldoria

Kelldoria is a world of fire breathing Dragons, The wall shattering Giants of The Ordning, The blood thirsty Gnolls, The honourable Dragonborn, The spellbinding Elven races, The stubborn Dwarven races, The short-lived Human race, The diplomatic Half-Elven race, The accepted Half-Orc, The cowardly Goblin, The mountain dwelling Goliath, The cursed Kenku, The secretive Genasi, The fantastically inventive Gnome race, and of course, not forgetting the homely Halfling.