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During the early years of the First Age of Man (01-200KR,Kelldorian Reckoning),The Azurians of the Stormlands first used wool for clothing combined with Leather and Fur.Wool production was crucial for everyone and became an important trade item along with Wood,Stone,Copper,Bronze and Foodstuffs. When Man began to migrate across the Realms,settling new locations in the later years of the First Age (775-950KR),overland trade began (The Bartering system was used for trading goods and services as money didn't exist until early in the Fourth Age).In the middle centuries of the Third Age (2400-2700KR) the Thentian Empire introduced new Tools and technologies of spinning and weaving on a Loom.Fine, white wool produced from sheep introduced from the Thentian Empire alongside coarser local wools of Amoria,Pelosia,and Elosia was the main trade in the later years of the Third Age. Dyes were later introduced using woad for blue and Squid Ink for Deep blue/black,Sea Snails & Molluscs for green and lichens for reds and purples.Some high quality woollen cloth was produced for Nobility, including gold brocade,and rare wools around the Third century of the Fourth Age(3340KR),and with the creation of new textile designs,precious stones(gems)and silk cloth from beyond the Eastern Frontier,Long distance overland and oversea trade had been introduced by the ever expanding Thentian Empire.


The Thentian Empire's Merchants became extremely wealthy with the rise of wool as a commodity, which in turn encouraged a higher demand for other raw materials such as the dye ingredients,and the rise of manufacturing,since wool and related raw materials had a high value-to-weight ratio and were easily transported. In 3420KR trade in raw wool from Elosia and Pelosia peaked,then gradually began falling over the next Century as exports changed to finished cloth.As exports of raw wool fell, exports of cloths rose year by year.By the end of the next century, the heavily industrialised Thentian Empire could not have existed without the export of Elosian and Pelosian wool.


The Thentian Empire's wool-trade was volatile, however, affected by diverse factors such as war, taxation,disease and famine, and the degree of competition among merchants for Elosian and Pelosian wool.Since industry relied on Elosian and Pelosian wool,the factors above could 'bring whole areas to the brink of starvation and economic ruin', the wool trade was a powerful political tool.Likewise, taxes on the wool trade financed The Emperor's wars against Barbarian,Orc,Goblin and Gnoll Tribes and The Great Two Hundred Year War againstThracia.


Material Characteristics

Wool is the hide(fleece) of a sheep or goat,but there are other animals with the same outer layer across the realms.Soft,but also coarse to the touch in its natural form still attached to the animal.Once cut from the animal(known as shearing)it is washed then dried,to remove the natural odour.Wool can be of varying colours,but mainly is a yellowish/off-white,black is common too.

Geology & Geography

Animals that have wool can be found in almost all Countries of the realms.

Origin & Source

Sheep and Goats mainly.  

History & Usage

Everyday use

Used for clothing.  

Industrial Use

From fleece to thread-Sheared,washed,dried,spun and woven(using a loom),becomes thread which is then rolled into a ball.  


Wool needs to be washed,then dried to remove the natural odour of amonia from the animal.

Manufacturing & Products

Clothing,thread,tapestries and rugs.

Byproducts & Sideproducts

Sheep and Goats being the primary source of Wool are also used for food.Almost every part of the animal is either used or eaten.


Trade & Market

Wool is a common traded product.
Depends-freshly sheared & unwashed,washed & dried,woven into thread,clothing item of varying quality.
before being washed and dried,the odour of amonia can be very unpleasant.This comes from the urine of the beast.
Yellowish/off-white,white,black,brown and grey.

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8 Jul, 2019 19:17

I enjoy minimalist writing (that is to say writing on small/mundane topics) so this really sung to me. You've put quite a bit of thought into this article. I recommend a few pictures to spice things up, and because wool is common, you shouldn't have any problem locating whatever angle you wish to take, whether the raw product, finished product, animals carrying it, process of obtaining, etcetera.   A good article, however.

8 Jul, 2019 20:55

Thanks for the like.I did think of adding a picture or two,maybe later.thanks for reading and the comment.