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The Singing Mermaid Menu

Menu   Breakfast (6-11am). Lunch (12-2pm). Dinner (4-10pm).  

Drink, Quality, And Price


  • Beer, Poor, 2cp,
  • Mead, Average, 3cp,
  • Ale, Good, 4cp,
  • Apple Cider, Good, 3cp,
  • Pear Cider, Average, 2cp,
  • White Wine, Poor, 2cp,
  • Red Wine, Poor, 2cp,
  • Brandy, Good, 1sp,
  • Pear Brandy, Average, 6cp,
  • Rum, Good, 8cp,
  • Stoltz (Dwarven Spirit, Like Vodka), Good, 5cp, and
  • Water n/a

Hot Beverages

  • Tea, Average, 1cp,
  • Mulled Red Wine (Spiced), Average, 2cp, and
  • Mulled Cider (Apple or Pear, Spiced), Good, 2cp.

Food, Quality, Price, And When Served


  • Loaf (Whole), Good, 5cp, All Day,
  • Round Loaf (Whole), Good, 4cp, All Day,
  • Half-Loaf, Good, 3cp, All Day,
  • Hunk (Qtr), Good, 1cp, All Day,
  • Slice/Toasted (4), Good, 1cp, Breakfast, and
  • Roll (Crusty, for 2), Good, 1cp, Breakfast/Lunch.

    Breakfast Selection

    • Oatmeal, Good, 1cp,
    • Oat Cakes (2), Good, 2cp,
    • Pan Cakes (4), Good, 2cp,
    • Eggs (Fried or Boiled, 2), Good, 1cp,
    • Bacon (3), Good, 3cp, and
    • Sausage (Pork, Beef, or Blood), Average, 2cp.


    • Wheel, Good, 2sp, All Day,
    • Wedge, Good, 2cp, All Day, and
    • Slice (4), Good, 1cp, All Day.


    • Apples (2), Average, 2cp, All Day,
    • Pears (2), Average, 3cp, All Day, and
    • Plums (4), Average, 2cp, All Day.


    • Fried, Average, 2cp, Lunch/ Dinner,
    • Chips, Average, 2cp, Lunch/ Dinner,
    • Boiled, Average, 1cp, Lunch/ Dinner,
    • Baked (2), Good, 4cp, Lunch/ Dinner, and
    • Mashed, Average, 2cp, Lunch/ Dinner.


    • Meat (Beef, or Chicken), Average, 4cp, Lunch,
    • Vegetable (Leek, Onion, Carrot, Turnip, Mushroom, Cabbage, or Mixed), Average, 2cp Lunch/Dinner,
    • Eel, Good, 2cp, Lunch, and
    • Fish, Good, 2cp, Lunch.


    • Meat (Beef, Pork, Mutton or Chicken), Average, 6cp, Lunch/ Dinner,
    • Game (Hare, Rabbit, or Wild Fowl), Poor, 5cp, Lunch/ Dinner,
    • Eel, Good, 3cp, Lunch/Dinner, and
    • Fish, Good, 3cp, Lunch/Dinner.


    • Meat (Beef, Chicken, or Pork), Average, 4cp, Lunch/ Dinner,
    • Game (Pigeon, or Pheasant), Poor, 3cp, Lunch/ Dinner,
    • Vegetable (Mixed), Average, 2cp, Lunch/ Dinner,
    • Fish, Good, 3cp, Lunch/ Dinner, and
    • Fruit (Apple, Pear, or Mixed Berries), Average, 2cp, Lunch/Dinner.

    Fish (Cod, Haddock, Mackerel, And Herring)

    • Whole (Cod or Haddock), Good, 8cp, Lunch/Dinner,
    • Whole Mackerel (2), Good, 4cp, Lunch/Dinner,
    • Whole Herring (6), Good, 3cp, Lunch/Dinner, and
    • Fillet (Cod or Haddock), Good, 2cp, Lunch/Dinner.


    • Whole (Roasted), Good, 1sp, Lunch/Dinner,
    • Half (Roasted), Good, 5cp, Lunch/Dinner,
    • Breast (Fillet), Good, 3cp, Lunch/Dinner,
    • Wings (Roasted or Spicy), Good, 1cp, Lunch/Dinner, and
    • Leg/Thigh, Good, 2cp, Lunch/Dinner.


    • Whole (Roasted), Average, 6gp, Dinner,
    • Half (Roasted), Average, 3gp, Dinner,
    • Portion (Sliced/Diced), Average, 6cp, Dinner,
    • Chops (2), Good, 2sp Dinner, and
    • Trotter, Poor, 2cp, Dinner.

    Sheep (Mutton)

    • Whole (Roasted), Average, 4gp Dinner,
    • Leg/Thigh, Average, 3sp Dinner,
    • Portion (Sliced/Diced), Average, 6cp Dinner, and
    • Chops (2), Good, 1sp Dinner.

    Wild Fowl

    • Whole (Roasted), Poor, 8cp, Lunch/Dinner,
    • Half (Roasted), Poor, 4cp, Lunch/Dinner,
    • Breast (Fillet), Poor, 1cp, Lunch/Dinner, and
    • Legs/Thigh, Poor, 1cp, Lunch/Dinner.


    • Pork, Average, 2cp, Breakfast/ Dinner,
    • Beef, Average, 2cp, Breakfast/ Dinner,
    • Blood, Average, 2cp, Breakfast/ Dinner,
    • Smoked, Good, 3cp, Dinner, and
    • Spicy, Good, 4cp, Dinner.

    Dinner Selection

    • Fish Chowder, Good, 4cp, Dinner,
    • Rice & Fish (Spicy), Good, 5cp, Dinner,
    • Prawns, Good, 2cp, Dinner,
    • Crab, Good, 3cp, Dinner,
    • Eels, Good, 2cp, Dinner,
    • Seafood Platter (Mixed), Good, 1sp, Dinner,
    • Meat Platter (Mixed), Average, 6cp, Dinner, and
    • Rice, Good, 2cp, Dinner.

    House Specials

    • Fish Stew: Mackerel, haddock, and cod, potatoes, onion, and herbs. Served with a hunk of bread with butter. Good, 1sp. A spicy stew is also available for an extra 3cp.
    • Cooked Crab: Boiled Crab, white wine, onion, peas, salted beans, and herbs, with either potatoes or rice. Served with a hunk of bread with butter. Good, 1sp/5cp. A spicy crab dish is also available for an extra 3cp.
    • Cooked Fish: Fried Cod, mackerel or haddock with white wine, peas, salted beans, and herbs, with either potatoes or rice. Served with a hunk of bread and butter. Good, Mackerel 1sp/5cp, Cod or Haddock 2sp. A spicy dish is also available for an extra 3cp.
    • Cooked Eel: Seared Eel, onions, mushrooms, and herbs, on a bed of rice. Served with a hunk of bread and butter. Good, 1sp. A spicy dish is also available for an extra 3cp.


    • Beans (Salted or Spicy), Average, 2cp, Lunch/ Dinner,
    • Turnip, Average, 1cp, Lunch/ Dinner,
    • Cabbage, Average, 1cp, Lunch/ Dinner,
    • Peas, Average, 1cp, Lunch/ Dinner,
    • Leek, Average, 1cp, Lunch/ Dinner,
    • Onion, Average, 1cp, Lunch/ Dinner,
    • Mushrooms, Average, 2cp, Lunch/ Dinner, and
    • Carrots, Average, 1cp, Lunch/ Dinner.

    Extras (Served in a clay pot or jug)

    • Honey, 1cp,
    • Butter, 1cp,
    • Sugar, 1cp,
    • Salt, 1cp,
    • Pepper (White), 1cp,
    • Pepper (Black), 2cp,
    • Pepper (Red, Hot), 3cp,
    • Vinegar, 1cp,
    • Spice (Mixed), 3cp, and
    • Herbs (Mixed), 2cp.
    A Round Loaf by leitesculinaria
    The Singing Mermaid Sign by Loremaster Aemon
    Dockside Buildings by canstockphoto
    Record, Culinary (Menu)
    Fish Stew by portsmouth
    Cooked Crab by louisianacookin
    Cooked fish with herbs by seriouseats
    Cooked Eel and Rice by recipemarker
    A Pig Roast by stag.maximise
    Blood Sausage and Potatoes by foragerchef
    Roast Chicken by rangemaster
    Fish Chowder by npr
    Mixed Meats by spittingpigessex
    Cooked Mushrooms with Butter by plattertalk
    Oat Cakes by dejafood
    Pigeon Pie by hellogiggles
    A Cheese Wheel by delightedcooking

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    Cover image: A Pig Roast by stag.maximise


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    22 Mar, 2022 14:56

    Oh my you really put a lot of thought and detail in working on your tavern ^^ Great job!

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    22 Mar, 2022 19:18

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