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The Royal Charter of The Kingdom of Elosia

Written by Loremaster Aemon

' Sell-swords will not operate in My Kingdom'


'Lawless Sell-swords will suffer severe punishment if captured'


-King Augustus Dragonshield I


The Royal Charter of The Kingdom of Elosia


The Royal Charter is an official document created by King Augustus Dragonshield I, founder of the current Dragonshield Royal family as a means of allowing groups of armed men persons within the Kingdom. In the written Histories of The Kingdom of Elosia, at The Great Library in The Holy City of Valaheim (The former Capital), there are many volumes on Military Warfare, with Tactical matters, Battle strategies, among other topics. Centuries of warfare, not so much the pitched-Battle, but the small scale skirmisher or guerilla tactic were used more often, meaning many armed persons were roaming the countryside, this did not amuse the King, so the original Charter was created and the Laws of the Realm were consulted and updated.

Mercenaries, Free-swords and Sell-swords not in service to the Crown, cannot gather in groups of more than six armed persons at anyone time in Public places such as Public Baths, Pleasure Houses or Gaming establishments within the Towns or Cities of The Kingdom. There are exceptions, a Public Market Square is allowed, as Guards are present at all times during trading hours. Inns, Taverns, Food Halls and Eateries are also allowed as it is customary to surrender all weapons to a custodian on entering said premises.

Violators of the Laws of The Kingdom face immediate disarmament, forfeiture of any goods and imprisonment at the hands of the Local Town or City Watch, or Soldiers of the King or other Royal family members. There are exceptions ofcourse; if such persons are operating under hire (contracted) to a Merchant or Noble person as bodyguards, or having permission by His Royal Highness, Royal family member (not by Charter), The Kings Steward, The Lord Commander of The Royal Army, A City Master of Law or a Town's Lord. Permission by any of the former mentioned is in the form of The Royal Charter.

Obtaining a Royal Charter

Charters can be obtained in any City within The Kingdom, issued by The Master of Law or his Chief Steward. In the designated Towns of The Kingdom only, issued by The Lord (Lord Mayor) or Lord's Steward and in The Capital Lord's Port, issued by The Lord High Commander, The Kings Steward or His Royal Highness who can grant a Charter anywhere within his Kingdom (with or without a fee).


Rules of The Charter


A Charter must be obtained to operate as an Adventuring Band, Mercenary/Sell-sword Company or Knightly/Holy Order (Not of The Crown) within The Kingdom of Elosia. Their are fees involved and penalties if rules breached (All described below).

  • A Company name given
  • A Full roster of not more than fifty persons, updated every change in the seasons (every three moons/months)
  • All members must wear an insignia (Coat-of-Arms) on their clothing or carry a symbol of the Company when within Elosian borders (A Symbol on a chain/necklace worn, a symbol engraved on weaponry/items carried, or even a Tatoo)

Document Authors

  • King Augustus Dragonshield I
  • King Augustus Dragonshield II
  • King Augustus Dragonshield III
  • King Augustus Dragonshield IV
  • King Augustus Dragonshield V
  • King Augustus Dragonshield VI
  • King Augustus Dragonshield VII
  • King Augustus Dragonshield VIII

Signatories (In The Capital)


Signatories (In Any Other Elosian City)

  • The Master of Law on The Ruling Council of Said City
  • The Chief Steward of The Master of Law (Only in The Masters Absence)

Signatories (In Designated Towns Within The Kingdom)

  • The Lord (or Lord Mayor) of Said Town
  • The Steward of The Lord (or Lord Mayor),only in the Lord's Absence
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Legal and Publication Status

  • All Members listed are bound by the Laws of The Crown, written by King Augustus Dragonshield, First of his name, Founder of House Dragonshield and Ruler of The Kingdom of Elosia
  • The Charter is legal and recognized only within The Kingdom of Elosia
  • Available Publicly for the sole purpose of a written record of Active Companies, etc of a minimum of four persons Operating Legally within The Cities, Towns and The Borders of The Kingdom of Elosia.

The Royal Charter of The Kingdom of Elosia

The Six Swords of Battlevale, Consisting of the members listed below, Are granted by His Royal Highness of The Kingdom of Elosia Augustus Dragonshield VIII,Regent of Lord's Port, High Lord General of The Dragon Army & Lord of House Dragonshield to legally be armed within the Towns and Cities of Elosia, and to be Actively Operating within the Borders of The Kingdom of Elosia.

  • Vulad of Battlevale, Human Male Sellsword
  • Teskosh ‘The Emidian’, Human Male Monk
  • Hodra Halfblood, Half-Orc Male Sellsword
  • Kogalda ‘The Huntsman’, Half-Orc Male Hunter
  • Ghagheldes ‘The Black’, Human Male Magic User
  • Kishara of Westwatch, Human Female Cleric

Title & Signature of relevant Official


Title & Signature of Company Leadership


Issue Date & Renewal Date


This Official Document is needed for Adventuring,Sell-sword or Mercenary Companies and Knightly Orders (Not of The Crown of Elosia) to Actively Operate within The Borders of The Kingdom of Elosia.

Document Structure


  • The Official Known Name of the Party,Company,Band or Order
  • The Official Wording,Statement and Agreement
  • The Full list/roster of Current Active Members,Regularly Updated each Season
  • Title & Signature of relevant Official
  • Title & Signature of Company Leadership
  • Wax Seal of Approval,Stamped
  • Issue Date and Renewal Date
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Historical Details


  • The Charter is valid for exactly one Year from Date of Issue
  • The Fee of 1500gp is to be paid to the Crown to obtain Initial Charter
  • The First Renewal Fee of 1200gp is to be paid to The Crown within one Tenday of the Expiry Date or Late Fees will occur (See Late Payment Fees Below)
  • The Second Renewal Fee of 900gp is to be paid as above
  • The Third Renewal Fee of 600gp is to be paid as above
  • The Fourth Renewal Fee of 300gp is to be paid as above,All Annual Renewal Fees hereafter will be 300gp and paid to The Crown as before

Late Payment Fees

  • Late Fees will occur after the Tenday Expiry period at the rate of 1gp per day for the next Tenday,rising to 5gp daily for the remaining Tenday of the current Moon (Month)
  • Starting the new Moon,a daily rate of 10gp will be charged the entire Moon,which equates too three Tendays (30 Days per Moon),Total cost 300gp
  • Finally,every day hereafter will be charged at 20gp,or one payment of 500gp for the entire Moon
  • If after three Moons of late Fees and the Charter is still unpaid (in arrears),the Contract will be Terminated immediately and will no longer be valid
  • If payment of Arrears is received after Termination of Contract,A New Charter will be needed at the cost of 1500gp,the Contract has begun again
  • THE OFFENSE will be classed as TREASON to The Crown,if a Native of The Kingdom,or as AN ENEMY OF THE CROWN,if a Non-Native
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The Six Swords of Battlevale

  • Vulad of Battlevale,Human Male Sellsword (Fighter 9th Level)
  • Teskosh ‘The Emidian’,Human Male Monk (Monk 8th Level)
  • Hodra Halfblood,Half-Orc Male Sellsword (Rogue 8th Level)
  • Kogalda ‘The Huntsman’,Half-Orc Male Hunter (Ranger 7th Level)
  • Ghagheldes ‘The Black’,Human Male Magic User (Wizard 6th Level)
  • Kishara of Westwatch,Human Female Cleric (Cleric 7th Level)

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