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The Iron House of Healing

Written by Loremaster Aemon

The Healing House of Dumathor

  The Iron House of Healing is a Temple dedicated to the worship of Dumathor, the Dwarven God of healing in the Fortress Kingdom of Ironhome. A temple or shrine to the God Dumathor can be found in every Dwarven settlement throughout Kelldoria, and priests of Dumathor are a common sight wherever Dwarves reside.   Every year more than fifty acolytes join The Church of Dumathor in Ironhome, over the years even Gnomes and Halflings have joined the clergy, not just as physicians or herbalists.   The physicians of the Iron House of Healing use traditional medicine (herbs, plants, fungi, etc) in their care of patients. The Priests, Priestesses, High Priests, and High Priestesses use Divine Magic to heal the terminally sick, diseased, to speak with the dead, or to bring back to life (resurrect) the recently deceased.   Priests and physicians of Dumathor will treat the sick, diseased, wounded at work or in battle and help with childbirth. Through the teachings of Dumathor, any humanoid in need of healing will not be turned away, this includes Orcs, Half-Orcs, Elves, and even Duergar (Dark Dwarves).    
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The Temple

  The Iron House of Healing is a huge structure that was built on the second level of the city. As the city grew, so did the temple as more rooms, dormitories, and halls were added making the structure continue through levels three and four.   The exterior of the temple was built from blue-grey worked stone, carved with traditional Dwarvish runes and symbols. Arches, Columns, and Pillars of blue-veined marble can be found at every entrance (there are several on every level of the temple). The exterior doors are made from solid oak, which has been covered in a layer of bronze, polished to a high sheen, depicting runes and symbols of a divine nature.   The interior has many different styles throughout. The main temple hall is of white marble, with bronze and gold sconces, sculptures, statues, religious items (urns, bowls, etc), and braziers. The alter is of golden veined white marble, and the seating for more than two thousand is made from honey-gold coloured wood.   On every level of the huge complex are The Halls of Healing, these large, open planned, columned halls are white in colour and dimly lit. Dormitories for the acolytes, physicians, herbalists, monks, scholars, druids, clerics, and priests can also be found on every level, sizes vary from ten to forty person rooms.   Also on every level are private healing rooms (for nobles), private quarters for high-ranking priests and physicians, study halls, prayer rooms, alchemy & botany laboratories, storage rooms, kitchens, bathing rooms, and guard rooms (barrack style dorms for the warrior-priests and paladins). On the third level is a large library hall with private study rooms connected and on the fourth level are greenhouse type halls where the herbalists and druids grow plants, herbs, and fungi.


Ancient Dwarven in design the exterior of the temple was built from blue-grey worked stone, carved with traditional Dwarvish runes and symbols. Arches, Columns, and Pillars of blue-veined marble can be found at every entrance.
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Alternative Names
The Temple of Dumathor, or The Healing House of Dumathor
Temple / Religious complex
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization
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The High Council of Dumathor

  • High Priest Dolmek Flamegrip of Dumathor
  • Lord Niflheim Bluecloak VII, High Priest of Dumathor
  • Lady Helgi Highforge, High Priestess of Dumathor
  • High Priest Adolar Lightfinder of Dumathor
  • High Priest Kanuf Wraithbane of Dumathor
  • Lady Inula Fireshield, High Priestess of Dumathor
  • High Priest Raum lightgiver of Dumathor
  • Lady Ellona Bluecloak, High Priestess of Dumathor
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