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The Curved Blade

Written by Loremaster Aemon

The Beginnings of The Curved Blade


The Curved Blade began as a small-time Thieves Guild in The Town of Port Eventide just over twenty years ago by a mysterious figure known as The Black Robed One. Over the years the Guild has grown tenfold recruiting members, buying goods and services, investing in wagons and ships and buying Residential and Commercial properties. A Chapter House of the Guild has grown in almost every Town and City within The Kingdom of Elosia, and even a few in Independent Elosia. The Guild have high hopes of growing Chapter Houses in The Kingdoms of Pelosia and the Nation of Thentia. The Guild does have operatives working in most Cities and major Towns in many Nations, even The Talosian Empire's far reaches.


"That's the fourth Noble this week assassinated, This is the work of Evil, Who is behind this?"


"It must be the Talosian's, who else can it be?"


"There isn't any Guild in our City powerful enough to be doing this, is their?"


"No my Lord, none that we know of"


-The Master of Law in The Port City of Stars Reach asks this question in the council meeting.


No Traces

The Guild prides itself on leaving no trace when involved in assassinations or other illicit activities, if an operative is seen, they know to dispose of the witness or they will end up as food for the sewer creatures.


Powerful and Above the Law

"It's going well Master, you agree?"


"Yes, as always Vhaegar, you visited that guard Captain as i requested?"


"Yes Master, the shipment arrives in two days, the usual guards will be on the Gateway, as always, no problem"


"Good, Good, there had better not be any problems, or you know what to do"


"Yes Master"


-A Chapter Head talking with an underling


The Curved Blade know who to bribe, who to intimidate, who to steal from, who to kill and who to implicate. They are masters of their profession and are above the law. They have corrupt officials, Guard Captains and Commoners among others on their pay-roll, and if any report is incorrect from anyone of them, they know they have just sealed their own fate, and had better make it right or leave the City at once and never return.

Some Guild Members:

  • Bumar Male Dwarf Rogue
  • Gorogak Male Half-Orc Fighter
  • Ianovar Male Half-Elosi Rogue
  • Leohomin Male Human (Pelosian) Fighter
  • Alkoris Male Dragonborn Fighter
  • Brenzenya Female Half-Elosi Rogue
  • Farkur Male Gnome Rogue/Magic User
  • Tomin Male Human (Gondish) Rogue
  • Zanifyx Female Tiefling Rogue/Magic user
  • Kitra Female Human (Elosian) Rogue
  • Xyroxis Female Dragonborn Fighter
  • Rush Male Genasi Rogue
  • Vhaegar Male Goblin Rogue
  • Zahmud Male Human (Emidian) Fighter/Rogue


The Council of Four (Master Thieves of 14th+ Lvl)

  • The Black Robed One
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?

Some Chapter Leadership (a.k.a Heads)

Public Agenda


  • Petty Theft and Fraud
  • Shipping Stolen Goods, Drugs and Slavery
  • Stolen Goods Fencing, Burglary and Arson
  • Intimidation and Extortion
  • Sex slaves, Forgery (Coins) and Card Cheating
  • Poisoning and Assassination

Legal Front

  • Merchants & Traders (Shops & Market Stalls)
  • Cargo/Freight Carriers (Dockside Ports)
  • Warehouse Storage for Rent
  • Bodyguard/Door-guard Services for Hire
  • Gaming & Pleasure Houses
  • Inns/Taverns and Eateries


  • Funds
  • Surplus Goods, Equipment and weaponry
  • Commercial Buildings (Inns, Taverns, shops and warehouses)
  • Residential Buildings (Tenements and Rooms above Shops)
  • Ships and Wagons
  • Operatives on payroll


The Curved Blades began as a small Thieves guild in Port Eventide


Chapter Houses in Almost every Town and City in The Kingdom of Elosia.

To See the Blade, Is to See your Death

A Scimitar by cgtrader
Illicit, Syndicate
Alternative Names
The Blooded Blades
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Official Languages

A Kenku crew from The Chapter House in

The Capital City of Lords Port
  • Hatchet Cut Male Kenku Rogue
  • Dog Growl Male Kenku Rogue
  • Squeaker Female Kenku Rogue
  • Mouser Female Kenku Druid
  • Croaker Male Kenku Fighter/Rogue (Assassin)

A Wererat Crew from The Chapter House in

Port Eventide
  • Fang Male Wererat Fighter (Assassin)
  • Sage Female Wererat Magic User
  • Talon Male Wererat Fighter (Assassin)
  • Smoke Male Wererat Rogue

Cover image: A Scimitar by cgtrader


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