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The Boar Spear of King Gond Stormhammer

Written by Loremaster Aemon

Gond's Enchanted Boar Spear:


This great weapon was crafted for King Gond Stormhammer by the greatest weaponsmith in the Kingdom at that time Alfr Blueforge,knowing that the King loved to hunt.During the forging process magical enchantments were laid upon the weapon by the Guild of Enchanters,once the final forging was complete it was given to the Guild of Enchanters to weave their magic into the weapon one last time completing the ritual,which took many days.

The overall length of the spear was seven-feet,the shaft was six-feet in length and crafted from solid,treated Oak,inlaid with Dwarven Steel,bronze and silver and inscribed with Magical Runes.The Wide Bladed Tip was the remaining foot and was constructed from Dwarven Steel mixed with silver and finished with engraved Runes of powerful enchantment.
C'mon my Sons,shall we go a' hunting?,who wants some venison or Boar to eat for the new moon feast?   -King Gond Stormhammer asking his sons if they want to go hunting


Hunting,A Favourite Pastime


King Gond would often take his sons hunting over the years on the Kingsfold grasslands and in The Kingsreach Woodlands,Bron was the King’s youngest son at the time at 30 years of age.Gamrod,Gandril,Thand and Gart were all older and would also accompany their father on these hunts,which lasted many days,sometimes weeks.

The King loved the thrill of the hunt,it wasn’t for the killing,he had no passion for that,he enjoyed the chase,finding tracks of the intended prey,or its droppings.Bron was much like his father,he enjoyed the hunting,later joining The Dwarven Hunters Guild as a Ranger.On the grasslands it was mostly Deer or Elk to hunt,but in the woodlands,Boar,Bears and Wolves were the greatest prize.

Many Dwarves wear Cloaks and Boots of Bear and Wolf with their traditional Leather or Mail armour,and in the feasting halls of the City succulent Boar meat is often on the menu as it is a favourite Dwarven cuisine (Any meat really,Dwarves just love their meat and mead).

glug,glug,gulp,glug,gulp,Buuuuuuuuuurrrrrpppppp!   -The sound a Dwarf makes drinking Mead

The Legacy of The Spear


The Spear was left to King Gond's tenth born son Bron when he passed away,written into his last will and testament (see KING GOND STORMHAMMER'S SCROLL OF KINGSHIP.Bron took the name Longspear in honour of his own and fathers love of the hunt.King Bron Longspear was the founder of The Undermountain Kingdom of Long Hall situated in Independent Elosia,beneath where The Port City of Deepwater now stands.

Clan Longspear is no more


The Bloodline of King Bron Longspear and CLAN LONGSPEAR (DWARVEN ROYAL HOUSE) DECEASED itself were no more when The Drow of the Underdark attacked the Kingdom slaughtering all men,women and children of the Clan,leaving none alive.The Kingdom was looted of all treasures and defiled by the evil rituals of the priestesses in worship to their Spider Queen Deity.

Thirty years later Chieftain Nand Longbeard III re-took The Kingdom of Long Hall,which had become a Drow Outpost (A staging area for raids on the surface world),In The Battle For Long Hall utterly annihilating the Drow found within.Chieftain Nand Longbeard III was named King by his people after the Battle becoming King Nand Longbeard III of Long Hall.The Kingdom of Long Hall has been Ruled by CLAN LONGBEARD (DWARVEN ROYAL HOUSE) ever since.


The Whereabouts & Owner of The Spear:


The Current location and Owner of the Spear of King Gond Stormhammer are UNKNOWN.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Enchanted Boar Spear +3 To Hit/+5 To Hit Against Boars,Damage 4d6/6d6.If the To Hit Roll is a Critical (20),A Boar (Even a Giant Boar) will be Killed instanly.
Boar Spear Header by ZombieBloodfights
Item type
Unique Artifact
Total Length 7ft: 6ft Long Wooden Shaft (Inlaid with Dwarven Steel,Inscribed with Runes) with Steel Blade of 1 foot in length
Raw materials & Components

Made by the Finest Dwarven Weaponsmith and Magic Users from The Guild of Enchanters,from the best available materials.


The Spear Shaft: Made from solid,treated Oak,inlaid with Dwarven Steel,Bronze and Silver and inscribed with Magical Runes.


The Wide Bladed Tip: Made from Dwarven Steel and Silver with engraved Runes.

Gond's Boar Spear by Reddit

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Cover image: Boar Spear Header by ZombieBloodfights


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