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The Blue Rock River

Written by Loremaster Aemon

Eth Bjar Hjodlik Jool (Dwarvish)

The Blue Rock River (Eth Bjar Hjodlik Jool in Dwarvish) begins it's journey from the peaks of The Blue Mountains (Eth Bjar Urngorr in Dwarvish) created from the ice and snow that melts daily.  
The Blue Mountains by Nicolas Prieto
    The Blue Mountains are home to The Kingdom/City of HEART HOME (ODROR ORHIM), and the Dwarves of Clan Silverheart (Kjanth Zilvren Odror). Flowing swiftly down the mountain, then through the heavily wooded foothills, the river and rocks collide creating rapids, Known as The Blue Rock Rapids (Eth Bjar Hjodlikr), this stretch of the river is the most dangerous and cannot be travelled, many have drowned not knowing the speed of the current and the freezing temperature of the water that renders the unfortunate paralyzed from the extreme cold. The other dangers of this region are the Orc, and Goblinoid Clans that roam the area, and the Cave Trolls that hunt among the rapids as the sun sets into night fall.  
River Rapids by Bruno Perrin
    Beyond the rapids that stretch for over five miles, the river is still fast flowing but much less dangerous as it winds its way through The Blue Hill Uplands (Eth Bjar Hlokr), this hilly, rocky, marshland region stretches for over twenty miles as the land gradually becomes more flat as it reaches the vast temperate region of The Heartwood (Eth Odror Dred in Dwarvish).  
Hills with Flowing River by John Spencer

The Heartwood

Eth Odror Dred   The Heart Wood covers hundreds of miles in all directions and is home to many species of trees, that include Birch, Spruce, Pine, Oak, Yew, and Alder, and animals, including deer, bear, wolf, and boar, as well as wild fowl and the smaller woodland beasts, such as squirrel, fox, and rabbit. The Heart Wood has many hamlets and villages scattered among its branches, in vales, groves, clearings and dales. The largest settlement within the woodland is the town of the same name, The Town of Heartwood (Eth Grod Avor Odror Dred in Dwarvish) which has grown along the banks of the Blue River, the river being almost a mile wide at this point, and is the main trading hub of the entire region.  
The Heartwood by Cory Winston
The River Widens by Leon Ephraim

The Town of Heartwood

Eth Grod Avor Odror Dred   The Town of Heartwood began as an Elven village of no great importance until the Dwarves of Clan Silverheart, of the Kingdom of HEART HOME sent diplomats to make an alliance for trade in foodstuff, including Grain, Fruit, Vegetables, and Meat for the riches of the mountains, Silver, Gold, Copper, Gems, and Iron. Many years have passed since this alliance began, and that Elven village is now a large town of mixed races, including Humans (Pelosians), Elves (Pelosi), Half-Elves, Dwarves (Hill), Gnomes (Forest), and Halflings.

Fauna & Flora


  • Grass (Scrub),
  • Pine Trees,
  • Birch Trees,
  • Spruce Trees,
  • Oak Trees,
  • Yew Trees,
  • Alder Trees,
  • Bushes,
  • Reeds (in the marshland areas),
  • Water plants,
  • Wild Root Vegetables,
  • Herbs,
  • Moss, and
  • Fungi



Natural Resources

  • Fresh Water (Streams, Rivers, Lakes, and Pools),
  • Fish (Freshwater),
  • Bear fur, meat, teeth, and claws,
  • Boar skin (Hide), meat, and tusks,
  • Deerskin (Hide), milk, and meat,
  • Elk skin (Hide), meat, milk, and antlers,
  • Fox fur, meat, teeth, and claws,
  • Ram (Hide/Fleece), Meat, and Horns,
  • Sheep (Hide/Fleece), milk, and Meat,
  • Goat (Hide/fur), milk, and Meat,
  • Wild Fowl meat, eggs, and feathers,
  • Woodland Animals (Rabbit, Squirrel, etc),
  • Wolf fur, meat, teeth, and claws,
  • Berries,
  • Nuts,
  • Wild Root Vegetables,
  • Peat,
  • Bog Iron,
  • Reeds,
  • Water Plants,
  • Stone,
  • Timber,
  • Moss,
  • Fungi, and
  • Herbs.
The River Widens by Leon Ephraim
The Blue Mountains by Nicolas Prieto
River Rapids by Bruno Perrin
Hills with Flowing River by John Spencer
The Heartwood by Cory Winston
Deep Within the Heartwood by Bailey Kovac
Hills of Flowers by Matthew T Rader
Alternative Name(s)
The Blue River or Eth Bjar Hjodlik Jool (Dwarvish)
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19 May, 2022 22:02

Wouldn't look out of place in the Rockies, haha.

22 May, 2022 19:07

Your not wrong Colonel. Thanks for the Like/Fave.   Aemon

22 May, 2022 19:26

And since it's blue rock, blue rock elementals could be on the shore playing Blues Rock music, lol.

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I love the attention to detail and majestic images. Makes me want to paint.

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Thanks Attacus for the Like/Fave and your continued support. I'm glad the images make you feel like painting, they took me a while to find.   Aemon

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They have the Middle-earth misty mountains vibe.

25 May, 2022 21:58

A very nice choice for images which gives me a good idea of how the river would look. Are the Orcs and such only a problem in the higher regions of the rivers or do they sometimes go into the heartwoord as well?

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26 May, 2022 00:49

The Orcs and Goblinoids can be found throughout the Mountains, Foothills, The Uplands/Highlands, and the Woodland.   Thanks Kef for the Like/Fave and the question.   Aemon

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28 May, 2022 12:20

I absolutely love the frontier vibes I am getting from this River, you really have painted and excellent picture of what the river would be like... and how you really would not want to fall into it! Plus, location name's in Dwarvish too is a great touch!

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Thank you very much for the nice comment and of course the Like/Fave, I really appreciate it.   I have been working on my Dwarvish language alongside this article so i thought i would add some as The Kingdom City of HEART HOME (Eth Kjarnarrik Baor avor ODROR ORHIM) is the main reason/center point of the river trade, and growth of The Town of Heartwood.   As Dwarves are one of my favourite races i have much still to write about The Clans, Histories, and the decline of some of the dwarven houses, it's a gradual process in worldbuilding as you know yourself. I really enjoyed reading your river challenge article, your CSS work, or BB code is excellent, i'd love my articles to look half as good as yours.   Aemon

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