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A Stirge

  This horrid flying creature looks like a cross between a large bat and an oversized mosquito. Its legs end in sharp pincers, and its long, needle-like proboscis slashes the air as it seeks its next meal.   Stirges feed on the blood of living creatures, attaching and draining them slowly. Although they pose little danger in small numbers, packs of stirges can be a formidable threat, reattaching as quickly as their weakening prey can pluck them off.    

Blood Drain

  A stirge attacks by landing on a victim, finding a vulnerable spot, and plunging its proboscis into the flesh while using its pincher legs to latch on to the victim. Once the stirge has sated itself, it detaches and flies off to digest its meal.

Basic Information

Dietary Needs and Habits

Stirges feed on nothing but Blood from living creatures.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

  • Darkvision 60ft, and 
  • Passive Perception 9.
A Stirge by aidedd
Beast (Stirge)

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Cover image: A Stirge by aidedd

Stirge CR: 1/8 (25XP)

Tiny beast, unaligned
Armor Class: 14
Hit Points: 2 (1D4)
Speed: 10ft Fly: 40ft


4 -3


16 +3


11 +0


2 -4


8 -1


6 -2

Senses: Darkvision 60ft, and Passive Perception 9.


Blood Drain

Melee Weapon Attack: +5 To Hit, Reach 5ft, One Creature. Hit: 5 (1D4+3) Piercing Damage, and the Stirge Attaches to the target. While Attached, the Stirge doesn't Attack. Instead, at the start of each of the Stirge's Turns, the target loses 5 (1D4+3) Hit Points due to Blood loss.     The  Stirge can detach itself by spending 5 Feet of its movement, it does so after it Drains 10 Hit Points of blood from the target or the target dies. A creature, including the target, can use its Action to Detach the Stirge.  


Author's Notes

The Original Article from The Monster Manual 5e By Wizards of The Coast (WoTc).

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