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Spindrift Dwarf

The Spindrift Dwarves

While most Dwarves ensconce themselves in the earth, Spindrift Dwarves of The Spindrift Isles have a bond with the ocean, and many spend most of their lives at sea. They tend to be slightly taller and slimmer than their land based cousins. Their hair and beards are lightened by exposure to sun and salt, often tied or braided against the wind. Many are comfortable barefoot and typically wear loose clothing that doesn't hinder their work.   Spindrift Dwarves settle on islands and mainland coasts, always in areas with natural harbours. Certain Clans rarely come ashore at all, spending their lives on ships at sea, coming into port only when necessity dictates. There are even stories of Spindrift Dwarves that live on artificial islands made of ships lashed together-both seaworthy and not-along with other bits of flotsam and jetsam.  


Your love of the open water grants you the following traits. Some of these traits replace traits found in the base Dwarf rules, as noted in each trait's entry.  

Ability Score Increase:

Your DEXTERITY score increases by +1  

Dwarven Marine Training:

You have Proficiency with the CLUB, HANDAXE, HAND CROSSBOW, NET, RAPIER, and SCIMITAR. This trait replaces the Dwarven Combat Training trait.  

Nautical Proficiency:

You gain Proficiency with one of the following: CARPENTER'S TOOLS, NAVIGATOR'S TOOLS, or WOODCARVER'S TOOLS. In addition, you gain Proficiency with VEHICLES (WATER). This trait replaces the Tool Proficiency trait.  


When you are not wearing HEAVY ARMOUR or using a SHIELD, you have a Climbing Speed equal to your base walking speed.  

Sailor's Eyes:

Accustomed to the harsh glare of sunlight on the sea, you don't have Darkvision, unlike other Dwarves.  


Whenever you make an INTELLIGENCE (INVESTIGATION) Check related to the seaworthiness or quality of craftsmanship of a sailing vessel, you are considered proficient in the INVESTIGATION SKILL and add DOUBLE your PROFICIENCY BONUS to the Check, instead of your normal Proficiency Bonus. This trait replaces the STONECUNNING trait.  

Spindrift Step:

As a BONUS ACTION (or a REACTION when you are submerged in water), you can magically step across water. You can walk across the surface of water as if it were solid ground for a number of rounds equal to your level or until your concentration ends (as if concentrating on a spell). If you are submerged in water when you activate this trait, you are carried to the surface of the water at a rate of 60 feet per round. You can't use this trait again until you Finish a SHORT or LONG REST.

Basic Information


Humanoid (Dwarf): Head, Torso, Two Arms, and Two Legs. Spindrift Dwarves are slightly taller and slimmer than most other Dwarves.

Dietary Needs and Habits


Additional Information

Social Structure


Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Spindrift Dwarves have developed their own unique culture separate from land Dwarves and use names related to the sea and sailing.  

Male Names:

Aeton, Bakkhos, Chrysos, Ebbtide, Ladon,   Loch, Maedas, Silaenus.  

Female Names:

Coral, Didoa, Ekho, Hemera, Kaelysta,   Medis, Pearl, Selenis.  

Clan Names:

Breakwater, Deeptide, Saltbeard, Seastorm,   Topsail, Undertow, Waverunner.

Common Dress Code

  • Tunic, loose fitting, (Linen or Silk),
  • Breeches or Skirts, loose fitting, (Linen or Silk), or
  • Breeches (Leather),
  • Sandals, or Boots (Leather) , or even barefooted,
  • Hats (Wide brimmed), or Head Scarves (Silk),
  • Leather Armour
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Humanoid (Dwarf)
200 To 400 Years Old (250 Average)
Average Height
4ft To 5ft Tall (Averaging 4ft 9")
Average Weight
115lbs To 180lbs (Averaging 125lbs)
Average Physique
Short and Stocky, Muscular, Broad shouldered. Spindrift Dwarves are slightly taller and slimmer than their cousins.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Tanned skin tones, Many have long hair, braided or in ponytails of ginger, blonde, or light brown, lightened by exposure to sun and salt. It is also common to have a shaven head or be completely bald. Beards are never cut and are seriously taken care of, with oils and combs used daily. Dwarven Beards can be worn in many styles, such as, Forked, looped, or bushy, often with jewellery attached. Many have Tatoo's on their bodies, some have facial or head tatoo's too.


Author's Notes

Original Article written for The Tome of Heroes 5e by Kobold Press

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