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"The village was empty, the seagulls were strangely quiet, and all we could hear was the surge of the sea"   -An account of the aftermath of a Sahuagin raid

The Sahuagin

  Across fog-shrouded coasts or endless ocean swells, an ominous drone sounded on a conch shell chills the blood of all who hear it. This is the sound of the sahuagin hunting horn-a call to raid and battle. Coastal settlers refer to sahuagin as "sea devils," for sahuagin have no compassion in them, slaughtering the crews of ships and decimating coastal villages.    

Devils of The Deep

  Sahuagin are a predatory, piscine race that ventures from the ocean's black depths to hunt the creatures of the shallows and shore. Though they dwell in the deepest trenches of the ocean, sahuagin view the entire aquatic realm as their kingdom and the creatures in it as blood sport for their hunting parties.   The self-styled rulers of sahuagin ocean domains are massive mutant males that grow second sets of arms. They are terrible foes in battle, and all sahuagin bow down before these powerful Sahuagin Barons.  

The Way of The Shark

Sahuagin worship The Shark God Sekolah. Only female sahuagin are deemed worthy of channeling the god's power, and priestesses hold tremendous sway in sahuagin communities.   Sahuagin are driven into a frenzy by the smell of fresh blood. As worshipers of Sekolah, they also have a special kinship with sharks, which they train as attack animals. Even untrained sharks recognise sahuagin as allies and don't prey on them.

Merfolk Enmity

  The sahuagin might control the oceans if not for the presence of their mortal enemies, the Merfolk. Wars between the two races have raged for centuries across the coasts and seas of the world, disrupting maritime trade and drawing other races into the bloody conflict.   So intense is sahuagin hatred for the merfolk that the sea devils have adapted to combat their ancient foes. A sahuagin born near enough to a merfolk community can enter the world as a malenti- a sahuagin that physically resembles a merfolk in every way. Sahuagin are prone to mutation, but whether this rare phenomenon is a result of the wars between the sahuagin and the merfolk-or whether it preceded or even began the conflict-none can say.   The sahuagin put the malenti to good use as spies and assassins in merfolk cities and the societies of other creatures that pose a threat to sahuagin. The mere shadow of the malenti threat incites paranoia and suspicion among merfolk, whose resilience is weakened as the prelude to an actual sahuagin invasion.

Basic Information


Humanoid, Sahuagin:

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

  • Darkvision 120ft, and 
  • Passive Perception 15

Civilization and Culture

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Genetic Descendants
Humanoid (Sahuagin)

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