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Written by Loremaster Aemon


Ironford is a large Gondonian (Dwarven) Mining Town governed by House Ironaxe of Clan Ironhammer. Clan Ironhammer are the rulers of The Kingdom of HAMMER HALL and have ownership of the town.  


Ironford was originally a cavern, that became a mine, then a Town. It was founded by three Dwarven brothers of House Ironaxe, from Clan Ironhammer of Hammer Hall.   Within five moons (months) a Citadel, courtyard, and Outer Wall had been built at the entrance to the mine to protect this new Dwarven Outpost.   Over the following years the Dwarves built outbuildings, Stables, An Inn, A Feast Hall, A Temple, A Foundry, A Timber Yard, Shops, and Houses. The Mining camp became a Town within the next sixty years with a population of over two thousand Dwarves, Humans, Gnomes, and Halflings.   One hundred years have passed since the founding of the Town of Ironford.  

Notable Residents of Ironford

  • Lord Grundrix Ironaxe VII
  • Grundrik Ironaxe
  • Gundrik Ironaxe
  • Arch Priest Poskur Torchbearer of Oberon
  • High Priest Ranulf Proudhammer of Gond
  • Orthrik Sternaxe
  • Skalf Rockdelver

Notable Buildings of Ironford

  • The Citadel
  • Castle Ironaxe
  • The Ironford Foundry
  • The Ironaxe Timber Yard
  • The Temple of The Allfather (Temple of Gond)
  • The House of Healing (Temple of Dumathor)
  • The Forge Master's Hall (Temple of Moradin)
  • The Tired Wanderer Inn
  • Bruna's Feasthall
  • The Public Baths
  • The Ironford Town Watch Head Quarters and Jail
  • The Hall of Justice (Temple of Oberon)


Population (4,200)

  Dwarven: 3,200   Human: 750   Gnome: 120   Halfling: 80   Other: 50


Lord Grundrix Ironaxe VII is the governor of the town and deals with the day-to-day running of everything from the town guard, resources pulled from the mines, and what goods need importing and exporting.   Lord Ironaxe has a council of advisors who manage most of the daily business, but everything needs the Lord of Ironford's official seal of office.  

The Lord's Council of Ironford

  • Master of Law: Arch Priest Poskur Torchbearer of Oberon
  • Master of Trade: Grundrik Ironaxe
  • Master of Religion: High Priest Ranulf Proudhammer of Gond
  • Master of The Watch: Orthrik Sternaxe
  • Master of The Forge: Gundrik Ironaxe
  • Master of The Builders: Skalf Rockdelver


  • The Citadel stands 60 feet tall with a surrounding wall of 40ft.
  • A 30ft wall surrounds ‘old town’, the first built area outside of the Citadel.
  • A 25ft wall surrounds the trades ward, Market square, common houses, etc.
  • A 20ft wooden palisade and ditch surround the outer town.
  • The Town Guard of Dwarves and Humans are 400 strong.
  • The Town can muster a Militia of 600 various raced townsfolk if the need arises.

Industry & Trade

Ironford's most important industry are the mines and they in turn bring the most wealth from trade into the town.


Dwarven (Gondonian) and Gondish (Human).

Natural Resources

The Ironford Mines supply: Iron Ore, Tin, Stone, Silver Ore and Gems.   Exports: Iron Ore, Iron Armour, Iron Weapons, Iron Tools, Cut & Carved Stone, Silver Ore & Silver Items, Gems & Jewellery, and Wagons and Carts.   Imports: Produce, Livestock, Ale & Beer, Grain & Flour, Wool, and Coal.
Founding Date
Large town
Inhabitant Demonym
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization
The 27th Day of Iron 18754   We were sent by the King of Hammer Hall with a contingent of builders, miners, and a garrison of warriors for protection to the ford that crossed the river Greyflood, known as the Ironford. The Winter had seen more snowfall than the previous three years, and the spring melt was likely to raise the water levels of the Greyflood beyond its banks. The river crossing would most certainly be disrupted by river flooding and would need some immediate attention before the trading season began.   I was the Leader of the builders, my brother Grundrik led the miners, and my younger brother Gundrik was second-in-command of the dwarven warriors only answering to the Commander Greldik Blackaxe.   The ford was as we had feared and needed a lot of work. We managed to cross the river using ropes and pulleys, set up camp and began to mine the rock needed from the surrounding hilly region.   Four days into mining the rock, the ground collapsed revealing a cave entrance. The cave widened into a large cavern and reflecting back from the lit torches were seams of ore. I claimed the cavern for Clan Ironhammer and had a messenger sent home to Hammer Hall with the news, it would take a few moons (months) for reinforcements to arrive, so we began work building a citadel to protect our newfound wealth.     -From the Private Journal of Grundrix Ironaxe VII

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Cover image: by Mats Johannsesen

Lord Grundrix Ironaxe VII of House Ironaxe, Noble House of Clan Ironhammer

Medium Dwarven Fighter 9th Lvl(Knight)/Lord of Ironford , Chaotic Good

Armor Class
Hit Points


Languages Kelldorian(Common),Gondonian & Dwarven.



Author's Notes

This article was originally a published stub of less than 50 words. I decided I wanted to use this settlement in Summer Camp 2021 so I reset the date.

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