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House Dragonshield

House Dragonshield (The Royal House of Elosia)



The Capital City of Lord's Port, The Northern Kingdom, The Kingdom of Elosia.  

Royal House Coat-of-Arms

A Golden Dragon (Facing) Holding a Sceptre in its Claws.  

Notable Family Members

  King Augustus Dragonshield VIII (Human (Elosian), Aged 48, Paladin of Bahamut 16th Lvl)   Queen Helena Dragonshield (Human (Elosian), Aged 40, Cleric of Bahamut 15th Lvl)   Crown Prince Andrayne Dragonshield II (Human (Elosian), Aged 20, Twin of Adriana, Paladin of Bahamut 5th Lvl)   Princess Adriana Dragonshield (Human (Elosian), Aged 20,Twin of Andrayne, Cleric of Bahamut 5th Lvl)   Princess Hadriana Dragonshield (Human (Elosian), Aged 18, Twin of Anarion, Cleric of Bahamut 4th Lvl)   Prince Anarion Dragonshield II (Half-Elosi, Aged 18, Twin of Hadriana, Fighter 2nd Lvl/Wizard 2nd Lvl)


Formerly a Thentian Noble Family.
Geopolitical, Great house
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Official Languages
Controlled Territories
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