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Geraint of Clete (Gair-Rant of Cleet)

Written by Loremaster Aemon

Geraint (a.k.a. Gair)

The True Knight   For knighthood is not in the feats of warre,   As for to fight in quarrel right or wrong,   But in a cause which truth can not defarre:   He ought himself for to make sure and strong,   Justice to keep mixt with mercy among:   And no quarrel a knight ought to take,   But for a truth, or for the common's sake.     -The Bard Velo of Rose Hill

Geraint of Clete

  The second born son of Geren The Physician, and Maya The Seamstress was born on The 7th Day of Eath 18800KR in the hamlet of Clete. The Hamlet is in The Province of Arnoria in The Central Kingdom of Pelosia. Geraint has an older brother Medryn, and a younger sister Meryth.  

Early Life

  Geraint was taught by his mother until he reached 6 years of age, then he attended the village/meeting hall to be taught by a monk from The Temple of The Holy Brotherhood, a monastic order devoted to the Greater God Pelor 'The Light Bringer'. Alongside his schooling, Geraint's mother taught him tailoring, hoping he would later follow in her footsteps, as he had not shown any interest in his fathers profession as a Physician.   Geraint had a love for reading, his father had many books of various topics. Geraint's favourite books were about poetry, and the other were stories of knights in shining armour slaying Dragons, and other beasts of myth and legend.   Geraint had a passion that he would fulfill as often as he could once schooling and chores had been completed, and that was to sit in the village hall to watch and listen to the storytelling, poems, and songs of the wandering minstrels who visited. On his twelfth nameday his mother gave him a lovely carved wooden flute, this was the beginning of what his future was going to be, from that day and every day after Geraint was seen and heard playing that flute. Over the next five years he studied music and played many written songs, he also wrote some of his own. He would still go to watch the travelling minstrels play, and more than once joined in with his flute if given the chance. Out of all of the visiting minstrels, Geraint had a favourite, an older man who looked to be in his late fifties, Velo of Rose Hill. The two of them would often sit and talk after his performance and Geraint was told of a place where he could learn the art of becoming a Bard.   Not long after his 18th nameday Geraint travelled to the town of Thorn Hill with his brother Medryn who lived their, studying to be a priest at The Temple of The Dawn, and Velo who was going to be his sponsor when he enrolled at The Thorn Hill School of Music & Art. When Geraint joined the bard's college it became the next chapter of his life.   Geraint learnt to play music on many instruments, his favourites being the fiddle, lute, and flute which he excelled in. He also learnt poetry, and storytelling which he loved even more than playing music.   Geraint made two great friends at the school, Vivania, and Clemon, and they would spend almost all their time together practicing music and songs together. They eventually formed The Fiddlers Three musical group and would perform as often as they could in the local taverns and inns entertaining the patrons.  
A Tavern Performance by imgur
  On the evening of the 10th day of Ploh the fiddlers three were playing in The Bush And Vines Tavern to a large crowd of regulars with a few scattered unfamiliar faces throughout the bar room. Men and women were dancing to the music, others sitting or standing clapping along, and even more singing along to the familiar songs being played. After the songs, the applauds and the cheering had finished the group sat back, chatting and drinking wine together. Patrons approached the three, thanking them, shaking hands and throwing coins into the wooden bowl for their appreciation.   Geraint noticed the brown robed figure speaking with the tavern owner, A monk of the brotherhood he thought.   The robed figure left a pile of parchment at the bar, then with more in hand wandered the room handing them out at the tables and booths.   In the far corner Geraint could see a large man in armour plate and a black cloak, dark of hair, looking over his way while talking with another dark robed figure at the table.   Who were they?, one was most probably a monk, but the armoured one puzzled him.       The Parchment Flyer  
Seeking,   Brave souls to help in the fight against Evil that is spreading across the provinces of Pelosia. Help the sun still shine across our lands, keeping the darkness at bay.   We are the light that holds true.   We face trials of hardship.   We face Evil's that test our faith.   We are the guiding light of Pelor.   We are The Golden Flame.   If interested, come to The Temple of The Dawn at midday over the next Tenday to apply.
  Curiosity overwhelmed Geraint, so the very next day he went to the temple at midday. After returning from the temple, Geraint's life would be forever changed. He had joined The Holy Order of The Golden Flame to seek fame, not fortune.  

The Holy Order of The Golden Flame

  The order had the following members:  
  • Vanulf of Pelor,
  • Clovis Strongfire, and
  • Thorrold of Greenwater.
New Recruits:
  • Geraint of Clete,
  • Storva of Heart Home, and
  • Ranyr of Heartwood.
  Later New members:
  • Morvun Dawncaller of Pelor,
  • Hierva Dawnfury, and
  • Trajan Wyvernsbane.

A Life of Adventure

  Geraint keeps a journal of the adventures of The Golden Flame, writes tales, poems, and songs of bravery of all of the members over his 25 year career with the group. Geraint often performs his writings (Storytelling being his favourite) during moments of downtime between adventures.   Below are a list of adventures undertaken by The Golden Flame over the last 25 years:  
  1. A Wererat infestation/thieves guild in The Town of Thorn Hill.
  2. Torstag Ravenwolf, The Werewolf leader of a werewolf family and several wolf packs attacking caravans.
  3. The Evil Necromancer Leohkith Duskglory with Humanoid (Fighters, Rogues, Clerics & Mages), Undead servants (skeletons & zombies), and a Ghast Bodyguard Morver Stez.
  4. The Cult of Levistus (A Devil), Cultists, humanoids, Undead and Devils.
  5. The Cult of Anjali (A Demon Lord), Cultists, humanoids, Undead and Demons.
  6. Reishan The Vampire Lord, vampire spawn, humanoid and Undead servants. The Cleric Morvun Dawncaller joins The Golden Flame.
  7. The Hag of the woods with Kobold, lizardfolk, & kenku servants. The Fighter/Paladin Hierva Dawnfury joins The Golden Flame.
  8. The Cult of Dheaxhal (A Demon Lord), Cultists, humanoids, Undead and Demons. The Ranger/Rogue Trajan Wyvernsbane joins The Golden Flame.
  9. The Cult of Sseth (A Yuan-Ti God). Suha-Zuh (A Yuan-Ti Pure Blood High Priest), Yuan-Ti & snakes.
  10. The Vampire Lord Gor Morsk, vampire spawn, humanoid servants, and an Undead army.
  11. The Cult of Asmodeus (Devil), Cultists, necromancers, mages and assassins.
  12. Vomigar 'The Purple' Lich, Humanoids, Undead, A Dracolich and Tomb Traps.
Musicians by nerdarchy

Later Life

Geraint now at the age of 49 decided a life on the road with the Holy Order was not for him anymore after 25 years. One last journey saw him travel from Thorn Hill to The Capital City of Lords Port in The Kingdom of Elosia. He played in Taverns and Inns in every hamlet, village, Town, and City along the way. He sang and told stories of all he had seen and done, the bravery and self sacrifice of group members, and the defeat of many evils.   Geraint now resides in Lord's Port playing for food and lodging on a daily basis in many of the Taverns and Inns within the city. On occasion he has been called to perform for the Royal family and their court in the Palace.

Mental characteristics


  • Home schooled from aged 4 to 6 by mother,
  • Meeting/Village Hall schooling from aged 6 to 14,
  • Taught Tailoring by mother from aged 10 to 18,
  • Taught Music, poetry and storytelling by the bardic teachers of The Thorn Hill School of Music & Art from aged 18 to 24, and
  • A founding member of The Fiddlers Three at aged 22, and
  • Joined The Holy Order of The Golden Flame at aged 24.



Medryn of Pelor

Brother (Important)

Towards Geraint of Clete



Geraint of Clete

Brother (Important)

Towards Medryn of Pelor



Meryth of Thorn Hill

Sister (Important)

Towards Geraint of Clete



Geraint of Clete

Brother (Important)

Towards Meryth of Thorn Hill



Neutral Good (NG)
24 years of age
Date of Birth
The 7th Day of Eath
Circumstances of Birth
Second born son
Medryn of Pelor (Brother)
Current Residence
Long, chestnut brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Lightly tanned
5ft 11"
Aligned Organization
Known Languages

Geraint's Family Tree

A Lute playing Bard by joe

Cover image: by Forrestlmel
Character Portrait image: The Bard by Daniel Deskridge


Author's Notes

The Poem The True Knight written by Stephen Hawes from

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