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Frost Druid

Frost Druids

  Frost druids are solitary defenders of nature and the natural enemies of civilization in The Northern Wastes, and Northern Pelosia. They seek to preserve the arctic wilderness by destroying outsiders who cross their path. Each patrols its territory in the guise of a White Fox, a Mountain Goat, a Snowy Owl, or a Wolf, reverting to human form only when it attacks. Clever ambushers, they use hallucinatory terrain spells to create illusory snowdrifts under which they can hide, or to obscure pools covered by thin ice through which others might fall.  

Calling Forth A Storm

A Frost Druid Preparing Spell by opoa

Awakened Companions

  A frost druid is often accompanied by one or more beasts, shrubs, or evergreen trees that it has made sentient using the awaken spell. These druids favour the White Bear, and the Elk as companions, and such creatures typically share the druids disposition.  

Ice Sickle

  A frost druid can carve a sickle out of ice, requiring a total of twenty four hours for the work. Bitter cold courses through this weapon while it's in the druid's hands. If the druid dies, the ice sickle melts away. The weapon is otherwise identical to a normal sickle.  

An Ice Sickle

Frost Druid with an Owl and Sickle by imgur

Basic Information


Humanoid (Human), Frost Druid:

Dietary Needs and Habits


Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

  • Darkvision 60ft (Beast form only), and 
  • Passive Perception 16

Civilization and Culture

Major Language Groups and Dialects

A Tribal Frost Druid by aidedd
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Humanoid (Human)

Cover image: Frost Druid with an Owl and Sickle by imgur

Frost Druid CR: 5 (1,800XP)

Medium humanoid (human), any
Armor Class: 13 (Hide Armour)
Hit Points: 67 (9D8+27)
Speed: 30 ft


12 +1


13 +1


16 +3


10 +0


16 +3


9 -1

Saving Throws: Intelligence +3, and Wisdom +6.
Skills: Nature +3, Perception +6, and Survival +6.
Damage Resistances: Cold.
Senses: Darkvision 60ft (Beast Form Only), and Passive Perception 16.
Languages: Amorian (Northern Common), or Kelldorian (Common), and Druidic.
Challenge Rating: 5 (1,800XP)

Spellcasting (Humanoid form only)

The druid is a 9th level Spellcaster. Its Spellcasting Ability is Wisdom (Spell Save DC 14; +6 To Hit with Spell Attacks). It has the following druid Spells prepared below:  

Cast At Will (Cantrips)

  • Druidcraft,
  • Guidance, and
  • Resistance.

1st Level (4 Slots)

  • Animal Friendship,
  • Fog Cloud, and
  • Speak with Animals.

2nd Level (3 Slots)

  • Animal Messenger,
  • Moonbeam, and
  • Pass Without Trace.

3rd Level (3 Slots)

  • Conjure Animals,
  • Sleet Storm, and
  • Wind Wall.

4th Level (3 Slots)

  • Hallucinatory Terrain, and
  • Ice Storm.

5th Level (1 Slot)

  • Awaken.

Change Shape Animal Form

The druid magically Polymorphs into a beast form- Fox, Mountain Goat, Owl, or Wolf-or back into its humanoid form. Any equipment it is wearing or carrying is absorbed or borne by the beast form (the druids choice). It reverts to its humanoid form when it dies. The druid's statistics are the same in each form, except where noted below:  

Wolf Form Only

Speed 40ft.  

Fox Form Only

Burrow 5ft.  

Goat Form Only

Climb 30ft.  

Owl Form Only

Fly 60ft.



The druid makes Two Attacks.    

Ice Sickle (Humanoid Form Only)

Melee Weapon Attack: +4 To Hit, Reach 5ft, One Target. Hit: 3 (1D4+1) Slashing Damage plus 5 (2D4) Cold Damage.    

Maul (Beast Form Only)

Melee Weapon Attack: +4 To Hit, Reach 5ft, One Target. Hit: 3 (1D4+1) Piercing Damage.


Author's Notes

The Original Article from Icewind Dale Rime of The Frost Maiden (WoTc)

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