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King Grom Stormforge II was a Relative (Cousin) of Clan Stormcloak from the Bloodline of King Gond Stormhammer of Stormhall.   Before becoming King of his Clan,Chieftain Grom Stormforge II led his people in the assault against the Orc Tribe inhabiting The Caverns of The Forge,the former home of Clan Stormcloak.The Battle was fierce and lasted two days,it took another six days to clear all the Lower Halls/Levels of the City.After slaughtering every last Orc in The Kingdom,Grom's people pronounced him King,and until this day Clan Stormforge have Ruled.   The Battle for the Upper Halls ????GR was written into the Histories of The Kingdom.

Keep The Forge Fires Burning

Geopolitical, Clan
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Mixed economy
The Gondonian Thand
Controlled Territories

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