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Clan Stormcloak were from the Bloodline of King Gond Stormhammer of Stormhall.   King Gart Stormcloak was the Ninthborn Son of King Gond Stormhammer and the Ancestor of Clan Stormcloak.   King Gart Stormcloak was the Founder of The Kingdom The Caverns of The Forge in The Kingdom of Gondonia.   In the Year ????GR(WIP) The Kingdom Caverns of The Forge were overrun by a small Orc Horde of several Tribes banding together Under the ferocious Chieftain ?? of ?? Tribe(WIP).Clan Stormcloak was Destroyed, King Gart Stormcloak IV was slain and the Kingdom was taken.   One Hundred Years later in the Year ????GR(WIP) Chieftain Grom Stormforge II,a Cousin of King Gart Stormcloak IV Avenged his Brethren Slaying the Orc Tribe ??(WIP) inhabiting the Kingdom and becoming the new Ruler of The Caverns of The Forge.   Grom Stormforge II of Clan Stormforge was named KING of his new KINGDOM by his people.

Keep The Forges Burning

Geopolitical, Clan
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Barter system
The Bartering System
Subsidiary Organizations
Official Languages

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