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Written by Loremaster Aemon


Chitin is the outer body of arthropods (Such as Insects) and Crustaceans (Crabs, among others) and is used as the main component in the construction of Chitin Armour. The armour is made from the carapace of native insects and Crustaceans and held together by a resinous glue and Grick Hide (In The Underdark), cut into Leather pieces or normal leather from animals (On the Surface World). The Grick & Grick Alpha , a creature mostly found in The Underdark is the other ingredient needed. The hide of the Grick is leathery and used in the construction of Chitine armour, the meat of a Grick can be eaten, and a jelly-like substance surrounds the meat and is used by Alchemists in certain potions. The Chitin most commonly used is from Giant Crabs, Crustaceans and Desert Insects (In the Deserts of The Talosian Empire and beyond). Harder to come by Chitin can be harvested from more rare and much tougher creatures like The Ankheg ,Cave Fisher ,Chuul , and Remorhaz (Good luck with these).

Against the Elements

low protection against cold weather environments and makes the wearer more susceptible to exhaustion in hot weather.


Most Surface Dwellers consider mixing pieces of Chitin Armor with Hide Armor or Fur,and wearing cloth and wool padded tunics underneath to offset the environmental effects when wearing in cold climates.


The Main source of Chitin used is from:


Giant Crabs, Crustaceans and Desert Insects

A Giant Crab has a medium to large roundish shell of Reddish-Brown, sometimes Black body. Some Crustaceans have bodies divided into three segments from front to tail; head, thorax and pygidium (The pygidium (plural pygidia) is the posterior body part or shield of crustaceans and some other arthropods, such as insects. The Giant Crab crawls about on its six to eight legs, sniffing and scratching the sandy sediment for tasty treats. Capable of breathing both air and water, its chitinous exoskeleton protects it from predators. Giant Crabs can be found in the Underdark, near shallow water in small groups, and above ground near water and on beaches. Giant Crabs will fight back when hit, but most try to escape (Not being the best of fighters),which makes them an easy source of chitin.

Culturally Crucial

A Goblin Tribe called The Blackclaw Tribe use Chitin for armour, it is Culturally Crucial as their only source of protection, gathered from Giant Crabs, and other Crustaceans.


Commonly Made Items:

  • A Chitin Cuirass is a piece of light armour with the AC of Platemail
  • A Pair of Chitin Greaves are a piece of light armour
  • A Pair of Chitin Boots are a piece of light armour
  • A Pair of Chitin Gauntlets
  • A Chitin Helm is a piece of light armour
  • A Chitin Shield


Material Characteristics

Chitin has a varied look depending on which creature it was taken from.The most common look is Shell-like,with spiky,pitted or swirling patterns on its surface.It can be any colour of Reddish-Brown (Giant Crabs,Ankhegs and other Crustaceans),Bluish-White (The Remorhaz) or Blackish-Grey (Insects,Cave Fishers and Chuuls).

Physical & Chemical Properties

Chitin is a cold material,Some can feel smooth to the touch,but most are rough and often have sharp edges and ridges on them.Once made into armour by a competent Smith (Armourer),it should only cause piercing damage on its outer side,not the side worn against the body.

Geology & Geography

Chitin can be found in The Underdark and above ground on the surface world, harvested from the creatures listed:
  • Ankheg
  • Cave Fisher
  • Chuul
  • Crab
  • Crustaceans
  • Insects
  • Grick
  • Remorhaz

History & Usage


Originally the meat from Giant Crabs and other Crustaceans was eaten and the outer body discarded.


The Goblins or maybe the Deep Gnomes of The Underdark were the first to use the outer body (Chitin) as a form of armour.Later when other creatures were to be found with even better armoured bodies the need became even greater to hunt and harvest,to make stronger armour to protect themselves.

Cultural Significance and Usage

The Blackclaw Tribe of Goblins use Chitin for armour,it is Culturally Crucial as their only source of protection,gathered from Giant Crabs,and other Crustaceans.

Industrial Use

Chitin needs to be smoothed by grinding,leather attached as harness/supports and glue resins used to bond altogether to form proper armour.A good Smith (Armourer) is needed to do this work,it is a skilled job.


Chitin can be used in its rough unworked state but it will cause unnecessary damage to the wearer.

Manufacturing & Products

  • A Pair of Chitin Boots
  • A Chitin Cuirass
  • A Pair of Chitin Greaves
  • A Chitin Helm
  • A Pair of Chitin Gauntlets
  • A Chitin Shield


Trade & Market

There is no real trade in Chitin.It is possible Goblins and Tribal warriors may barter between themselves for an item more useful to them,maybe.
Chitin Armour by ark gamepedia
If sold,items may fetch between 10sp and 30gp depending
Bluish-White,Blackish-Grey,and Reddish-Brown
Common State
Shell plates,Scales (Think Dragon Scales or The body of a Crab)

Some Warriors from the Tribes of the Northern Wastes wear Chitin armour hunted from The Ankheg and Remorhaz.


The Great Goliath Chieftain Koth of The Tribe of The Mountain Lion wears a Chitin Cuirass, Gauntlets and Boots made from a Huge Remorhaz he killed as it was hunting his people, and sometimes he will carry a large Chitin Shield.

The Hunters

An Organization called The Hunters,a Deep Gnome unit of warrior hunters who hunt,trap and salvage chitin from various Underdark Creatures.

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Cover image: Chitin Armour by ark gamepedia


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