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918 EN

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A world of magical powers and wild nature. The home of great political forces that, over the millennia, acquired almost all of the continent for themselves. Kingdoms and empires cover almost the whole of the continent, however, a few places are still unexplored. Either because of the remoteness and harshness of nature, or because of legends of supernatural creatures and beings from other planes guarding these places. Regardless, the powerful rulers accumulated great treasures hidden in the lands and rocks beneath the ground. Kelinor supposedly still hides a variety of crystals full of magical powers that offer endless potentials for individuals that can extract their power. In the past these crystals were often the reasons for wars and conflicts. Now, centuries after the great crystal frenzy, almost the whole continent is ruled by a small city state called Skystone and it's leading organization called The Shiador Dominion who, over the centuries, have slowly gained power over the other countries. Other countries and empires still have their own internal politics and laws, but everything transpires under the watchful eyes of the Dominion.