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Golden Phantaso

High above the clouds, in the nests of the galaxy, there lies a treasure worth more than gold. Or rather, gold is exactly what it's worth. A creature crafted from the glistening metals of the Seven Suns. A creature bound to the dark surface but forged from the lights of heaven. An embodiment of radiance yet the kin of sin.

Basic Information


Based off of the golden pheasant, a phantaso is a large bird with chest feathers of a metallic maroon pigment, and the head and wings are those of blinding gold.

Genetics and Reproduction

Due to the fact that all golden phantasos are male, they must mate with a misty phantasa to reproduce. The egg would be golden with red speckles.

Growth Rate & Stages

Once hatched, the young phaentaso takes a mere two weeks to mature. While in the youth stage, their legs are short and they lack their red feathers. In their mature form, they are very large, with long, powerful legs, and red feathers upon its chest.

Ecology and Habitats

The often live on the mountain peaks, with the largest population on Mount Celestia.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

They are often used at direct transportation either by riding or to pull a chariot. They are a symbol of majesty for the sun. They are only available through the black market due to the heavy opposition to the sins it embodies.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

While in the wild they are quite rare, you could often find them for sale in large cities. The only large wild population is at the peaks of Mount Celestia.

Average Intelligence

Very majestic, not at all savage, and when trained is very aware of their owner and their owner's behaviors.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Has typical senses, but it's sense of hearing is greatly enhanced, allowing it to perceive a predator or the call of it's master with ease.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Phantasian aurus
appx. 200 years
Average Height
Average Weight

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