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The Leaping Salamander

The Best Place in Town

The popular tavern is owned by the kindhearted and lovable Un Shai Reinhart. Originally founded by his father and mother, in a small town, Salenstad. In his father's retirement, Un took it upon himself to run and care for his mother's legacy, The Leaping Salamander.
Due to unfortunate circumstances the tavern had to relocate to another city, and can now be found in the lively metropolis Sandborg. Only four months in the new city, and the tavern has already made a name for itself.  
The most extravagant food? No, I wouldn't say so. It's not fancy or finefolkely, but it's the best food in the entire city, and the owner is just the best. Always happy, really loves cooking, and cooking for people - it's almost like stepping into a second home when you enter Un's home.
— Guest at The Slamander
  People of all kinds love to visit the tavern, be served its food and drinks, and enjoy the jolly homelike atmosphere which it provides.  
It is not anything like what they serve at the palace. It is quite delicious.
— Archmage Salkos

The Building

The Original structure

This structure was bought by Petok Shai Reinhart, for his wife who immediately fell in love with the old ramshackled hut. The two of them worked long and hard to renovate the building, and managed to fulfill Mrs. Shai's dream of opening and running a tavern.
The original tavern was quite small, containing a ground floor and a single upper floor. The ground housed the common room and the kitchen, the uppers contained three rentable rooms and two private rooms.
Despite its small size, the tavern was very fine - not luxurious, but comfortable. All the beds were big, with hand-carved details, the floors was polished and well kept, and the furniture well made and expensive. The food served was always delicious, and no match for any other establishment - which never changed. Due to the location of the tavern, few guests found their way to it, and despite the few rooms, they were rarely booked.   As time moved on Un Shai Reinhart started running the establishment after his father's retirement, which Un continues to do.
Even though guests were few, and Un scrambled for money to keep the establishment going, he never thought to move, or close. His mother, now lost, and his father - who still needed care - had built this tavern together and he would not let it die or let it go.
Fate decided not to let Un have his way. As civil uprising started in the small town, and a magical storm was summoned, the tavern was destroyed. With help from a unique group of friends, Un and his father managed to salvage most of their belongings, as well as the hand-carved tavern sign (depicting a leaping salamander), and flee to another city.  
I don't know how - or why really. But these folk came running in, demanded to use the teleportation circle, and somehow carried a solid iron-cast stove with them... I mean... Who brings the stove when you are running for your life?!
— Baffled librarian

The New Structure

After arriving in Sandborg, Un and his group of friends set out to find a new location for his establishment. It took two days to find a suitable place, then a day to locate the owner, two to communicate with them, and the last day to sign the contract and hand over the legal documents.
The new building was... big. Funded by his friends, who also funded the renovations, and helped the workers when they had the time. It only took a month to build the new Leaping Salamander, which still adorned the original sign.   The ground consists of a ground floor, a first floor, and a second floor - a courtyard can be found behind the structure.
The ground floor contains the common room, and the kitchen - below the kitchen a small food and wine cellar can be found. Through the common room, one can gain access to the courtyard, which have quite enjoyable sittings during the warmer months.
The first floor houses the guests if any should wish to rent a room. In total five rooms are available, where four of these are of a standard to high quality, all decorated to represent a specific season. One luxurious suite is available, named The Seasons' Room. Restrooms and baths can also be found here, and if one rents a room, all of these facilities are free to use.
The second floor is the residents of the tavern's private rooms and living quarters. In total six bedrooms can be found, a private library, which accidentally became one of the largest privately-owned book collections in Sandborg, a small study, and a living room (though the common room on the ground floor is more commonly used).   In contrast to the old tavern, the location shift has brought customers and guests to the, not so small, tavern. Someone is almost always sitting in the common room, whether it is a guest or a new member of the unusual family. People love to sit and talk, enjoy the surroundings, or read one of the books available for guests to borrow while visiting the Salamander.
To help Un, his unusual friends insured that new measures were taken to keep the tavern safe. The Leaping Salamander is one of the best-protected buildings in Sandborg, with a magical alarm system, alerting Un if anyone unwelcome was to intrude during late hours. Or if (another) fire accident was to happen...   In addition to all the magical wards, even the oven is magical (to the barkeep's great shock).  
They brought me over to fix it, who else would be able to? And let me tell you when Un discovered that his dear oven, was indeed magical and connected to the elemental plane of fire... [interviewvee shakes his head and laughs under his breath] Well he passed out. Couldn't wake him for hours
— Talan Gilnorie, a simple shopkeep

Barkeep, Staff and Regulars



Un Shai Reinhart

Un is a friendly half-eladrin , and he looks to be in his mid-twenties, due to his eladrin blood his appearance changes depending on his mood. He is usually in the colors of autumn, which was the court his mother belonged to. He is tall and lanky with soft auburn curls, brown-orange eyes, and bronze skin. His hair color, eye color, and skin color change accordingly to the seasons: when he is sorrowful and resigned he looks like winter, pale ice like skin, blue eyes, and white hair; when he is playful or embarrassed he portrays spring and his hair becomes green, his curls become more springy, his eyes turn bright green and his skin turns a light pale pink; in anger and intense emotion he is summer, with golden skin, red eyes, and wheat white puffy hair.   At a young age, he lost his mother and still misses her dearly. He takes care of his father and looks after a young girl, Humle, who is a child of one of his friends. He is a very empathic character, who sees others' needs before his own.   He loves cooking above all else and uses his culinary skills as a means to destress, and a way to take care of others. When he cooks he feels connected to his mother, who was the one who taught him how to cook.   Oh... and he is (quite hysterically) afraid of all things magic, due to some unlucky accident in the past - courtesy of his unusual friends.  

Staff and residents


Petok Shai Reinhart

Un's father and one of the original owners of the late Leaping Salamander. Now he is an elderly man nearing his 100th birthday, which is quite rare for humans. He lives to take care of his son and wishes for nothing else than to see him happy with his own family.   Loves cookies, especially the ones with jelly in the middle - and only the ones his son bakes.  

The bards

When visiting The Salamander it is not unusual to see one of the two bards, who are known to perform there, usually, Thrysøe will be performing at the tavern, but Abel is also a known face.
Thrysøe is a Forest Elf, with platinum white hair and dark bronze skin with a pinkish tint. She wears big round glasses, and despite her profession, she is rather shy, and when she's not performing Thrysøe can be found talking to Un, or reading by herself. Her main instrument is the lute, however, on rare occasions, she might also play the harp.
The second bard performing at The Salamander is Abel. Abel is a young human, with pale white skin, and white hair - his eyes are a light pale blue. He is a lively, happy and outgoing person, and, like Thrysøe, he has developed a close friendship with Un. He likes to entertain guests and come across as a social butterfly. His main instrument is the lute, though he is also known to play the flute.  

Humle Kløverdal

This little halfling-gnome girl lives at The Leaping Salamander where Un sees to her needs, wishes, and education. She is 10-years old and the daughter of Bryn Kløverdal, a friend of Un's, who is attending to business elsewhere. She is very short, less than 3 ft, with black-blue hair and uneven grey eyes - the right being darker in color than the left.   She helps serve guests, most of the time begrudgingly, and loves combat and fighting - as well as a good prank.  

Regulars and selfproclaimed staff


The bouncer

A friendly, yet rough-looking orc, who has found The Leaping Salamander to be one of the best places in the city. He has taken it upon himself to protect Un, and make sure troublemakers are thrown out of the tavern before they can ruin anything.   Loves the pink fruit drinks Un makes during the summer and drinks them shamelessly.  

Talan Gilnorie

Not always present at the tavern, but Un makes sure to always deliver meals to this isolated high elf. A shopkeeper down the street, who knows Un through mutual chaotic friends. He is also the adopting uncle of a halfling boy, Konrad, who has become good friends with the girl Humle.  

Tavern Community

As mentioned The Leaping Salamander has become quite popular in its neighborhood, there are many reasons for this, one of them being 'newness'. Not simply that it is a new place, but it offers the people of Sandborg an alternative to all the existing drinking places. It's a new presentation of what 'a tavern' could be. It is more than a food place and an inn where you go to drink and behave questionably.  
It is a place of life I would say. People love to hang out, sit and talk - and of course, they love the food! But it is more than that, the entire atmosphere, it's like, kind of like a second home
— Bjørn, farmer

Social Gatherings

The small social clubs, gatherings, and up-start communities that are found in the tavern are not widely known. However, they have become a very large part of The Salamander's life.
Every Thursday evening people who might be interested are invited to gather at The Salamander for the weekly book club meetings. Un is the host of this club, though he does not dictate it. The book club is an open-for-all meeting, where people are encouraged to engage with specific books, and these will be discussed thoroughly during the meetings. (It has also evolved into rewritings of the books that are discussed, to put it differently: writing of fanfiction)
During the meetings, Un will make sure all attendants are offered cookies (of his own making, of course) and tea - if people should wish something of a stronger quality could be put in the tea as well, or served without tea at all.  

Neighbor talk

Most talk surrounding The Leaping Salamander concerns the food, naturally. All agree that the best of all food is served there, not the most fancy, but the best.  
Ironicly, even though he's afraid of magic, his food is quite magical. Literally, it is magic - but for light's sake DO NOT tell him!
— Talan Gilnorie, probably exiled elf-prince
  Some people have even claimed that the food at The Salamander is so tasteful, it makes all other dishes you eat taste bland days after your visit to the tavern, no matter where you eat - even if it is at one of the wealthiest places in The Empire. This seems to be the only complaint about the tavern, everything else you eat will be dull, compared to Un's dishes.
2503 (But it was build anew!)
Founding Date
2450 (2503) Lyrentisk Tid
Alternative Names
The Salamander. Un's Home
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location
Additional Rulers/Owners
Characters in Location
Baking session in the kitchen
Baking session by King's Feather

Floor Plan

The Leaping Salamander, Floor Plan by King's Feather


Specific house rules have been implemented by Un, primarily to control (and educate) his ward.... and his chaotic friends. Secondly to inform guests of what's allowed and what's not in his tavern. Other rules have been added later, and then removed again by a desperate barkeep.
Rules at The Salamander by King's Feather


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