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Kelbonnar is a world united under the glorious rule of the Empire of Turelion, or so that is what the spin doctors of the Empire want you to think. Ever since the formation of the Empire, Turelion has claimed dominion over the entire world through its technological advancements, force of arms and economic might, and for centuries the rule of the Emperors was undisputed.   Now however, the power of the Empire is waning. Over the last hundred years the occupants of the Imperial Throne have become complacent and lazy, whilst their advisors scheme and bicker amongst themselves for power and wealth. All across Kelbonnar factions are rising to either take back the ancestral lands that were stolen from them by the Empire, or farm the system for as much profit as possible.   Whilst the Empire begins to slowly pull itself apart, in the vast tracts of wilderness between the villages, towns and cities of the imperial provinces, monstrous creatures that were for decades held at bay by imperial hunters grow stronger in number and begin to stalk nearer and nearer settlements in search of prey.