Things are Changing!

Now that I’ve been building the Kelbonnar setting for a while, I’ve been going through a period of reflection and have decided to mix things up somewhat. I’ve realised that whilst I like a lot of the core elements that I have put together, there are a number of things which I’m not especially satisfied with and I’ve started to feel that in many ways, the original concept of the setting is actually a bit too restrictive for what I want to.   The original idea of a world dominated by a single political entity, the Empire of Turelion was and will remain one of the core pillars of the setting, but it was becoming a bit too unwieldy and having run several games in the setting as it currently is, ran the risk of restricting creativity when it comes to putting together campaigns, especially with a heavy political overtone. I also wanted to give more scope to including core elements of the D&D5e multiverse – specifically the planes of existence, into the setting, whilst also giving them a unique flavour and feeling less like a ‘bolt-on’ in case I or others wanted to run campaigns with those elements in.   To that end, Kelbonnar is going to get a rather radical facelift and there will be, amongst other things:  
  • A new map - the old one will remain live for the time being;
  • A new pantheon;
  • A new pan-world mythology;
  • A new narrative background element, the Divine War;
  • A new political landscape, though still one heavily influenced by the Empire of Turelion;
  • A new categorisation system;
  • A new timeline, though one still dominated by the Empire of Turelion;
  • More areas and places of mystery and intrigue.
All this means that things will be changing from their original state (as of 24/11/2021) so in order to provide a reference point for when things do change I’m going to begin compiling a change-log below:   25/11/21:         24/11/21:  
  • New world map goes live, with political overlay options on the main page;
  • The deity Canthart's name changed to Astartes - article still in draft;
  • Name of Imperial Church changed to The Imperial Church of Astartes - references to Canthart in this article changed;
  • Headquarters of the White Fangs changed from Zoockbar to Alkashar.


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