The Exiled Tribes

Once the Relialo Plains of the continent of Hunar were full of tribal groups that managed to make a comfortable and relatively peaceful life for themselves amongst the rolling grasslands. However, this all changed when Machestaro I's forces pushed through from the east and the newly formed Greltor Province in 2BIF and the tribes of the Relialo found that they were forced from their ancestral lands and nomadic ranges with the forbidding mass of the Spiny Mountains being their only refuge.   Since then the diverse peoples that once populated the Relialo Plains are now broadly referred to as the Exiled Tribes by the Empire of Turelion, belying the fact that the tribes themselves have a vast array of practices, traditions and racial composition. Though exiled to the Spiny Mountains, many of the tribes descend regularly into Norgantho Province in the west and Greltor Province in the east to raid and pillage, hoping to take for themselves the resources that the mountains will not provide them with.


As the name ‘the Exiled Tribes’ is actually a catch-all term to describe all of the tribal peoples that live amongst the peaks and valleys of the Spiny Mountains, the tribes themselves are not actually organised into a coherent body, but act independently of each other.   Most tend to operate along autocratic lines, either with a patriarchal, matriarchal or leadership of the strongest style of governance based upon the traditions that each group has tended to follow throughout their history.   It is not unheard of for subsets of the Exiled Tribes to band together to tackle a threat that poses a serious risk to the wider area of the Spiny Mountains, but in general these alliances are difficult to broker and are fragile at best, with most periods of cooperation tending to end once the threat has been dealt with.


Again, the culture of the Exiled Tribes is difficult to quantify as their cultural practices differ so greatly from one to another. At its most basic, the culture of the constituent tribes can be broken down into tribes that have chosen to settle within a specific area of the Spiny Mountains and those that live a nomadic lifestyle travelling the length and breadth of the region.   Whilst this previous definition is simple it does also correlate to the amount of raiding activities within the Empire of Turelion that the Exiled Tribes carry out. As tribes that have settled in a particular place tend to engage in more arable agricultural activity, their food supplies are more secure that the nomadic tribes, who much more regularly engage in raiding to supplement the resources they are able to forage and that are provided by the flocks of animals that they shepherd with them. However, even the more static tribes engage heavily in raiding whenever a particularly bad winter shocks the Spiny Mountains. The people of Greltor Province and Norgantho Province are always particularly wary whenever bad weather strikes the mountains that split the two provinces, fearful that the Exiled Tribes might suddenly descend upon them looking for supplies.
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