Ocean of Lasimar

Stretching from the eastern coasts of the continents of Euristan and Carboni to the western coasts of Hunar and Dricaro the Ocean of Lasimar is an open expanse of ocean, visited almost exclusively by the mariners who crew the warships and merchantmen that ply the waves between the east and west of Kelbonnar.


The waters of the Ocean of Lasimar are deep, so much so that the sea bed is well below the depth that light is able to penetrate to, meaning that there are no coral reefs or sea grass meadows as there are in Kelbonnar’s shallower seas.   It is thought that deep sea mountain ranges exist below the waves, towering many hundreds of metres above the sea bed, but the only land that rises above the water level is the mountainous, volcanic continent of Zastral.   The Ocean of Lasimar is renowned for the strength and severity of the storms that form over the massive extent of water. Most of these storms simply rage within the empty expanse of water, affecting only those sailors unlucky enough to be in the area, but occasionally one of the ferocious weather systems will make land fall, normally on Hunar or northern Euristan.

Fauna & Flora

The deep, cool waters of the Ocean of Lasimar are home to all manner of creatures and sharks, whales, and enormous shoals of cod, tuna and mackerel, amongst other species have been observed by mariners and fisherman who ply the waves.
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