Bar-Sunar Province

Whilst Turelion Province is often referred to as being the spiritual, political and ideological heart of the Empire of Turelion, Bar-Sunar Province is its commercial heart. The province’s population is steeped in mercantilism and Barite merchants are responsible for the majority of trading transactions that take place across Kelbonnar.


Like all provinces with the Empire of Turelion, the administration of the Province is overseen by a Satrap, who is theoretically responsible for management of all areas of Bar-Sunar. To aid them in this, the Satrap of Bar-Sunar Province has a staff of provincial officials and administrators who oversee the bureaucracy of all things, from the state of the road network to the taxes levied on fish imported to the province.

Demography and Population

Bar-Sunar’s demographics are dominated by what is thought to be the largest middle class in the whole of the Empire of Turelion. Upwards of 50% of the population are defined by the Imperial Bureau as being ‘middle class’ and this large number is driven by the enormous amount of people involved in mercantile enterprises and commerce.   Despite the large middle class, the upper class is incredibly hard to break into, with less than 3% of the province’s population being defined as thus. In Bar-Sunar, a large proportion of the upper class is made up of members of the Macheniolli Family, who run the Hastellion Trading Company, with the remainder being made up mostly of provincial officials.   The remaining 47% of the population are defined as ‘lower class’ by the Imperial Bureau and predominantly work in the quarries and mines in the east, or in the fields of the Alm’Izra in the south west.   In addition, the province has a less assimilated and less documented population, the Jem’Menar people who are native to the Jem’Hal desert and who keep themselves to themselves and are mostly ignored by provincial and Imperial authorities.


The area administered as Bar-Sunar Province encompasses all of the land that makes up the continent of Austal. This means that the province has three distinct regions, the arid desert of the Jem’Hal in the east, the fertile wetlands of the Alm’Izra  in the south west and the lush jungle of the Kal’Panar in the north west.


Like all Imperial Provinces, Bar-Sunar has access to its own standing army of Provincial troops, who are dispersed across the province in garrisons, ready to be called upon as needs be. For the most part, these troops act as town and city guards and police forces for the areas they are stationed to. In times of crisis, the Satrap can mobilise units in the Provincial Army from their garrisoned stations to become mobile units that can be deployed were necessary. The Provincial Army has units of infantry, cavalry, artillery and Firewings at its disposal, as well as a dedicated naval force to protect its coasts. The Command Headquarters for Bar-Sunar’s Provincial army is in the Provincial Capital Hen-Sunar.


Unusually, Bar-Sunar Province has seen an enormous amount of its population convert to the Imperial Church of Canthartism, to the point where it is the dominant faith in the province.   The largest minority faith in the province is found amongst the Jem’Menar peoples, native to the Jem’Hal desert, who like their cousins across the Serpent Strait, the Ma’Jalis, worship the desert serpent, Zazmaan.

Agriculture & Industry

Bar-Sunar Province is best known for its production of high quality building stone, predominantly marble and granite that is quarried from the Maj’Athar Mountains, along with the rich veins of gem and jewel bearing rock and the rich veins of silver that are also found in the mountains and in the bedrock beneath the sands of the Jem’Hal Desert. It is these two industries that are the life blood of the entire east of the province, which would otherwise have been left undisturbed save for the activities of the native Jem’Menar peoples.   In addition, the Alm’Izra wetlands to the south west of the province are a hotbed of agricultural activity, second only to the lush fields of Ultaru Province for their productivity. The area produces a large enough annual surplus that food can be exported to the wider Empire, and the farmers of the Alm’Izra have become proficient at pickling and salting vegetables so that they can survive transportation around the globe.   Of all the provinces, Bar-Sunar is also renowned for having the most naturally mercantile population and many of the coastal settlements in the province have become trading hubs where goods are bought, exchanged and exported elsewhere, The largest trading corporation to have emerged from Bar-Sunar is the Hastellion Trading Company, the largest mercantile organisation in the whole of Kelbonnar.

Trade & Transport

Bar-Sunar Province is geographically well situated in Kelbonnar, an accident of fate which, when combined with the mercantile drive of much of its populace has led to it being very well connected within the Empire of Turelion.   The province’s proximity to Turelion Province and the Serpent Strait which links the eastern sea board of Turelion Province, Quess Province, Oam Province and southern Ferio Province to the Centric Sea means that Bar-Sunar is connected to and is often the centre of most major maritime routes. It is also well appointed with Firewing ports, which connect it directly to Turelion Province and Ultaru Province to the north and east and Minid Province to the south west.   Internally, the west of Bar-Sunar Province is well connected with roads, especially the heavily agricultural area of the Alm’Izra. The east of the province, dominated by the Jem’Hal Desert is less well connected, with only a single, but very large and well maintained road, known as the Great Desert Highway connecting the major mining settlements in the foothills of the Maj’Athar Mountains with the port of Yongsi-Kmik in the east and the rest of the province in the west.


The large mercantile class of the province means that Bar-Sunar is well appointed with schools, including the off school that offers free education to any child resident in their area. The Hastellion Trading Company set this precedent by setting up free schools in their home city, Hastellion, and many other trading companies in the province have followed suit to try and promote their public profile.   There are also a large number of houses of learning across the province, with almost every city having one established within their boundaries. Most of them specialise in economics, business and trade based disciplines.


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