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Demonbone is a shell-like material that forms the exoskeleton of whiteclaws and is commonly used in Makki armor. The unique properties of demonbone allow it to block Sparks, making the demons who are protected by it invisible to Spark detection and immune to magic. However, those same properties make demonbone incredibly valuable for armor and weapons.



Demonbone's most useful property is its immunity to Spark magic. Being fully encased in demonbone armor will make the wearer immune to magic and undetectable by Sparksense, but will also make them unable to use magic themselves. Only wearing part of the armor will only shield the Spark of that area of the body, which is still effective as magical protection but practically useless for stealth.
The materials itself is lighter than metal or wood, making it effective armor for stealth purposes. However, it is also less durable than iron or steel, and will often crack if struck by metal weapons.

Origin & Source

Demonbone only comes from the exoskeletons of a whiteclaws. The demons themselves are fairly common, but they are difficult to kill because of their protective armor and immunity to magic.

History & Usage

Everyday use

The Makki rely on demonbone in their armor, clothing, and weapons. It is less strong or durable than steel, but a warrior completely covered in demonbone armor is invisible to a demon's Sparksense. Even though they are still detectable through sight, sound, and smell, warriors using demonbone have an edge against demons that can mean the difference between life or death. Demonbone is traditionally used by the Makki, but it has been adopted by others in recent years because of its effectiveness.

White with either red or dark blue markings
Similar to human bone
Common State
Related Species

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Cover image: by David Revoy


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