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12th Teragoth, 861st Year Of The Age of Air

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Katya is the world as known by the peoples that occupy it. No other continents have yet been located beyond the shimmering sea or great veil.   The following is a list of generalised information containing links to more specific pages. Katya is a large world with a lot of lore, locations and people. Use the portals as well as this homepage to help guide you to the right article.   If you wish to read more about my motivations for creating this world or for presenting it in this format then please feel free to read the following:
Message From The Author
Generic article | Jan 29, 2021

"It's hard to know where to being when describing Katya. Certainly, it is quite ordinary in many ways. The rolling fields of the Southlands farmed by decent folk who care more for their next visit to the tavern than much else. There are towns and cities, people and beliefs, all of which you may think that you could associate with yourself. Your life experience. In fact, I believe that if I myself were so easily impressed upon, simply being upon a different world than our own, I may have overlooked Katya."   "But you need not look far to see it. The raw majesty of the place. Within every nook is another mystery, another golden spire or temple sunken deep beneath the jungle canopy. Races of strange statures walk around real as you or I. The dwarves are a stout people building regal halls deep in the mountainside. While elves that stand aloof with pointed ears on slender graceful legs and live inside trees bigger than any you have seen. The halflings are small but make up for their stature with hearts and minds full of joy!"   "Magic? Yes. Such things truly exist in Katya and there are those there who dedicate their entire lives to understanding and manipulating it for good or for ill. Some use it to create beautiful enchantments. While others assemble hordes of shambling undead or bewitch the minds of the unsuspecting.   "Kings ride into battle on the backs of dragons while enormous rats crawl up out of the sewers to kidnap children at night. Druids weave buildings out of fey wild magic whilst evil creatures suck the brains of the unsuspecting deep beneath the earth."   "Katya is an inspiring place and a place that fills my very bones with a sense of anticipation. But be forewarned those who are unprepared will surely fall since after all: If you can think of it then it surely exists somewhere within Katya."
— A Chronomancers guide to Katya


The two primary oceans are The Great Veil to the west and the Shimmering Sea to the east. Other notable bodies of water include the Expanse of Sauboro which is an especially treacherous body of water for ships to sail through. The Brismeuse Gulf feeds into the Silver Stream which helps warm the western side of the landmass allowing for the tropical Elmvern Forest to exist at the scale that it does.   There are several large mountain ranges across the world. The Maytara Mountains are home to the Gieldur dwarves. The Ever Reaching Peaks split the eastern side of the world off from the west as they extend up to join the Frostjaw mountains.   Lake Syllenen is the largest of the freshwater lakes and is located in the Elmvern forest.   Elmvern forest is the largest wooded area of the world but is largely tropical rainforest. Drilwood is a large, largely pine forest in central Xandria. Sourghar wood is not as large but has a small magical biome of glowing mushrooms crated by the fey.  


  Cosmology is a broad body of information and covers:
  • The natural order of the world and its place within the universe.
  • The various extra dimensional planes that exist.
  • How such planes are utilised by wizards, in a brance of cosmology known as "The Arcane"
  • How the planes have become home of the divine gods of the world and which reside where
  • How the elements are kept in balance since the "Divergance"
  The climate relates to point one of cosmology and how the world fits into the larger universe. Katya's climate is incredibly varied, ranging from the arctic wastelands of the Frostjaw mountains to the dry Arib desert. The region of Dolmech has a climate that has been influenced by a cataclysm that saw most flora and fauna destroyed.   The seasons are tied to the Savragian Calendar used by most to track the passing of years. The winter months from Teprogoth to Hivali are cold and all but the warmest places see snowfall. During the summer months of Vey to Karmutch most places enjoy warm weather and increased production of crops. The months of spring begin with Domak and end with Forrith. Autumn starts with Firagoth and ends with Hydrigoth.  


For a more in depth look at the history of Katya please see the concise timeline of the world.   Creation
The First Age
The Second Age
The Ages Of The Elements  


Over time and as a result of conflict, geography and other factors the landmass of Katya has become split into several arbitrary regions.  


The population of Katya easily extends into the millions through a precise count has never been made. If one were to try, further questions would have to be asked such as to which creatures and races count to the overall population.   The largest cities have populations in the hundreds of thousands and most of the major kingdoms can field armies in the thousands.   Though humans pervade the world of Katya and are constantly expanding, many other races exist. For a complete list, you should read about the Races Of Katya.  


  As population bases across the world grew so too did the frequencies of cities. Large gatherings of people who worked together towards common goals.  
  • Yita - Capital of Xandia and seat of the King Denothar II.
  • Drilwood - A small city located in the wood of the same name. It values harmony with nature above all else and its leader the Archdruid Selphie Yelfir has favourable ties to the fey.
  • East Haven - A haven for sailors that were travelling up and down the east coast of Katya. Over time sailors settled and the city grew. It is still governed similarly to that of a seafaring ship by Admiral Udele Yao.
  • Taramont - The city of coin is unique amongst the Xandrian alliance in that it is ruled by a number of merchant guilds instead of a single ruler. However, most know that the richest of them all, Sardar Karmi really holds most of the cards.
  • Garlemald - A relatively new city built 42 years ago after the cataclysm but before the mage wars. It is now the seat of the Dolmech empire ruled by the nefarius Gaius van Baelsar.
  • Karayang - The capital of the Wang, Zu Shi, of Azad. Its palace sits on the edge of the great lake. From the surrounding pastures of Oyokawa berries, the finest silk in Katya is produced and transported out of Karayang.
  • Chikovsky - Capital city of Sumar and ruled by Tsar Rurik
  • Thandrhim - Capital city of Gileldur and ruled by high king Thorgrim Easpyou.
  • Sylleserin - Capital of the high elves of Elmvern forest to the west of Katya.
  • Slord - Is the capital city of the Thunder Giants.
  • The Lost City Of Zariya - An enigmatic city that has befuddled even the most intrepid of arcane intellectuals. The city has been "lost" since the sundering of the world. It is the only remaining remnants of the Ascarii people and is sealed behind a magical forcefield that none have been able to penetrate for thousands of years.

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