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My Reading Challenge Article 2022

Prompt #1


A military conflict resolved through excellent leadership
An incredible battle with intelligent moves on both sides! The story here is amazing, with an every-growing undead army lead by Rix Telær verses the armies of the surrounding nations, lead my Urixe Mæyre. It’s a very fun read!
This article is extremely interesting, and the way it delivers the story of the war between the Water God Lydien and the Forging God is amazing. With how it is written, it feels like I am a curious citizen listening to the story.
Dragons, Giants, and an extremely clever resolution… What more do you want? This thousand-year war is incredible to read about, and I enjoyed the article immensely.    


A tradition that keeps monsters or bad luck away
Spaceships. Cats. What’s not to like? The tradition of keeping cats on boats for good luck, and now it’s in SPACE! The article is very well-written, and I really want to know how to sign up and take care of some kitties.
A really cool tradition of making candles to ward off evil spirits during autumn and winter. I can imagine walking down a snowy street and seeing the beautiful candles flickering in the windows of the houses, all the while thinking about what spirits they protect families from. A great read!
This is a really interesting tradition about using berries called Chanceberries to create paints that are said to give a little bit of their fate-twisting magic to the wearer. There is a very heartwarming story behind the tradition as well.    


A myth or urban legend about a "monster"
A strange myth about a mischievous blue cat-like apparition. Starting off as a household pest, then escalating to become aggressive in a few weeks. There may be a reason to it's behaviors though. Personally, I'd be very curious if this creature entered my home.
This one is really cool. It’s the legend of a beggar killed by nobles she offended in some way, and she comes back as the terrifying Bone Maiden. I love it. The concept is AMAZING and the way it was done is incredible.
A rather nice story about a lonely Wumpkin who just wants a freind.The article states that if you ask for an invite to their home, then The Wumpkin would share tea and scones with them. Sounds like a delightful time if you ask me. I honestly love this one, it makes me feel cozy and warm when I read it.    

Looking to the future


  For now, my goals are just have fun and keep worldbuilding, and to prepare for my first WorldEmber. I also have a few smaller things that I would like to accomplish by November or around that time:  
  • Clean up the mess that is my story's plot 
  • Introduce the main characters
  • Clean up my summercamp articles after the stream (And put some in a cut content file)
  • Build up my world's magic system
  • Make an interactive map
  • Reach out more to other creators for advice on how to develop my world

Ending stuff

Congrats! You made it to the end!

Thank you so much for reading, thanks to World Anvil for this great event, and thanks to the sponsors for their amazing work!
Happy Worldbuilding!
All Art drawn by me unless stated otherwise. Procreate was used for this piece in particular.

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30 Aug, 2022 15:21

Thank you for including my article. Im so glad you liked it :D

Autumn Riverwood
1 Sep, 2022 12:55

You're welcome! It was too good to leave out :D

16 Oct, 2022 01:52

This is the cutest cover picture for an article I've seen in a looong time <3

Autumn Riverwood
18 Oct, 2022 17:14

aaa Thank you so much!! I'm so glad you like it :D