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Kataclyzm: Earth 4099

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It was thought that magic would open the world up to a wealth of opprotunity. But magic trickled into the world. Premonitions in the form of Deja Vu. Strength found only in times of danger. Glimpses of things which could not be explained. There were some who did not seem bound by the laws we had come to understand and they disapeared. Was it government corruption? Shadow agencies operating above of them? Perhaps they disapeared of their own accord, driven into hiding by their own paranoia? Maybe they were driven to madness, not yet evolved enough to weild the magics they possessed? - It doesn't really matter.   In the year 2029, The world that we knew underwent a dramatic change. The Aether Storms (Dynastroms) first erupted on the northeastern coast of the US. Within hours four more... At first people thought that it was the result of an attack or a failed nuclear plant, but the changes that came were far more damatic than anything man-made. Our world rapidly evolved to reflect our greatest fantasies and deepest fears.   If once, humans ruled the earth, there is no doubt that nature has pushed back. Societies still exist in small pockets. Dynastroms appear throughout the world with little warning, but any society that leaps forward in technical advancements seems attract them. As dangerous as it might be, people are not know for accepting what fate has delt them and the continue to find ways to fight back against this new world.

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