VSSCollab May 2023 - Battle in Kat Chiron Author | World Anvil

VSSCollab May 2023 - Battle


May prompts

vsscollab - propaganda, regime, loom, horizon, haze, infiltrate, aggression/aggressive, atom, fortify, hawk, trod, scramble, grind, zero, shot, flood, siege, bombard, melee, wall, crest, umber, beast, towering, typhoon, cacophony, tremble, scrap/scrappy, riot, line, victory
vssfantasy - childhood, mercy, sneak, retain, indulge, berry, thump, glance, befall, flee, subdue, meek, inscribe, exclude, internal, contribute, linen, verdant, warn, agonizing, found, prickly, know, impinge, resemble, fix, solve, card, determined, believe, leave
vssmagic - salvation, spawn, linger, inhale, collect, existential, obscurity, stolen, communion, single, mesmerised, abolition, armour, emotion, woods


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11 Jun, 2023 20:51

Neat! I feel like I was able to glean some backstory from your world from this, even though I know very little. Good writing!

12 Jun, 2023 10:50

Thanks Molly.   It just might be an idea related to one of my realms. ;)

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