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Kastellia, Sabbat Worlds, Segmentum Pacificus

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Situated on the border of segmentum Pacificus and segmentum Obscurus, Kastellia was first Colonised by the Venerated Saint Sabbat in M.35 as part of her crusade; to claim the worlds that would soon be named after her, for the Emperor.   The Ecclesiarchy claim that the world of Kastellia was in fact visited by the saint her self, who made planet-fall after a vision of a great bounty beneath the planet's surface that would greatly aid her Crusade. The vast deposits of raw promethium that were soon found only served to prove Saint Sabbat was truly beloved by the Emperor.   In our own time, Kastellia was brought close to falling to the powers of chaos in 741.m41; as did most of the Sabbat worlds, the only other world to survive being the Imperial Navy sector headquarters of Ursa Majoris.   In 751.m41 the High Lords of Terra sanctioned a reclamation crusade to retake the holy Sabbat Worlds from the foul grip of chaos. the 2nd Sabbat worlds crusade is now in its 10th year as of the time this record was created. Warmaster Slaydo is tasked with reclaming the Sabbat Worlds and uses Ursa Majoris as the Crusade Headquarters. The promethium deposits on Kastellia, coupled with its proximity to the boarders of Segmentums Pacificus and Obscurus have made Kastellia a vital stopping point in the Imperial warmachine's supply chain.   Kastellia it's self is a rare oddity for an imperial world, in that it is tidally locked to its star, one side of the world being bombarded constantly by extreme heat and radiation while the other is engulfed in perpetual ice and darkness. the only habitable areas of the planet, without mechanicus assistance; is the line where these two opposites meet, creating a thin band from pole to pole of almost perfect habitable land. It is on this band that the vast majority of the planet population live, it is also the site of the world's 4 hive cities, that are equally spaced along the band.   Kastellia's main export, and indeed its reason for being colonised is the promethium deposits, with most of the population being employed in the promethium industry, while the remainder of the population make up the supporting manpower for the industry, or the planet's ruling class.   The nobles of Kastellia all trace their lineages back to the miner guild houses that first laid claims to deposits on the world, all promethium workers and most of the planet's infrastructure is in fact owned or controlled by one of these noble houses.   Of late, more and more reports of public disturbance and crime have been logged by the Crusade Council. enough in fact to gain the attention of Warmaster Slaydo himself. Slaydo has seen fit to inform the Inquisitiorial attache of this possible stability issue and they in turn have sent field operatives to investigate.