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(7) Gang violence erupts on the streets of Tertius? K.N.N. Reports!

The rising crime rates of Secundus and Primus spread to Tertius last night, with open gang on gang violence erupting from the scorch side slums and spilling over into commercial and residential districts. It is claimed by eye witness account that the culprits for such disloyal behaviour are non other than the so called 'Saint's Chosen'. Well this reporter can tell them that the blessed Saint Sabat would weep to see her name misused so.   Cardinal Iziah Quintus XV issued the following statement;  

The Emperor's most holy church does not support the actions of the terrorist group calling them selves 'the saint's chosen'. We encourage citizens of Hive Tertius to turn their backs on such blasphemy and direct their nearest arbites toward any gang members so that they may be given the emperor's justice! The Emperor protects!
  Eye witness reports inform us that the violence suddenly erupted after the leader of the 'saint's chosen' was apparently killed by a rival gang. Members of the saint's chosen then apparently becoming intensely violent toward anyone who wasn't one of them. Countless homes, lives and businesses were put to the torch before the violence finally spread to the commercial district, where thankfully our glorious Arbites had prepared a blockade, keeping the rampaging mob within the slums. Arbite public relations officers state that the back of the mob was broken by a swift and deadly arbite response.     We have had many citizens contact our offices about the incident, as is our duty as imperial citizens we have sent coppies of all letters to the office of the Arbites. Be warned, the content of some letters may shock and distress loyal, faithful citizens;   ######Upload begins######   --From: [Name and Address redacted].--   I was shocked to hear of the escalation of gang violence here in Tertius. We hear stories of riots and martial law in Primus and Secundus - is that what's going to happen to Hive Tertius as well? I am afraid to leave the safety of my hab-block! WHY aren't the [[REDACTED]] doing their jobs?   --From: Angry in Hab-block Alpha-9.--   The increse in crime on Kastellier is becose of IMMERGANTS from SHITHOLE PLANETS what dont worship the Emprer properly. We should BAN ALL IMMERGATS from Kastelliar IMMEDIATLY and do more PUBLIC EKSE EXKER EXERCUSHIONS to show these crimnals that CRIME DOSENT PAY!!!   --From: Reverend Huskar, Hive Secundus.--   The death of the self-proclaimed "Prophet" Gregoire is clear proof that he was a heretic, and a dangerous radical. All those who followed him MUST atone for their sins! The 'Cathedral of Sabbat resplendent' will gladly accept any former members of the gang calling themselves "Saints" for corrective flagellation and penance. The Emperor Protects!   --From: [Name and Address illegible]--   THE COGS ARE HERETEKS!!! I sawe the Profet get killed wiff MY OWN EYES and it was the Cogs what done it. YOU CARNT TRUST THEM!! WHAT is the Meck Metch Mashine Cult planing to do about thees HERETEKS in are city!!! WE DEMAND ACTION!!!   --From: Anonymous--   It was the Discarded who killed the Prophet, not the Cogs! In my humble opinion the city has put up with these wretched criminals for too long. Every good citizen of Hive Tertius should take up arms against the Discarded!   --From: Anonymous--   We will no longer stand for this unchecked gang violence on our streets, the people of the slums suffer the most and loose the most, Arbites are never down here protecting us so it is time we protected our selves! Join the 'Tertius people's militia!' With the Emperor's wrath we will remove this seed anarchy that these gangs have planted! THE EMPEROR PROTECTS!   ######Upload ends######     As always with such troubling content, we at K.N.N. advise any citizens who are troubled or distressed by what they have read to seek out their nearest flagellation correctional priest immediately.     In light of these events and the subsequent public outcry, earlier today a march was held by citizens who had been effected by what is being now called 'the night of the weeping saint'. The citizens involved are calling them selves the 'Tertius militia' and have vowed that open gang violence will no longer be tolerated in the slums and neighbouring districts.   The office of the Arbites declaired that such vigilantism would not be tolerated and any members of this 'Tertius people's militia' would be treated the same as any ganger.   More as this story unfolds.

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