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Zelthor the Carver

Known and worshipped as the Carver, when the initial rebellion from the Titans and the Wild elementals came, Zelthor was one of the first beings to take action. Before many of the gods or their underlings decided to take action, Zelthor was already in the thick of combat.   Not standing for such insolent insurrection from beings whose purpose was to work, he weaved great storms of fire and gullets of molten magma, ravaging against the minor titans and elementals. He was met in battle by Basharr, greatest of the titan workers. His tools of creation clashed against Zelthor's molten fury in a battle that sundered a large portion of the land.

Divine Domains

War, Forge

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A single chisel set diagonally through a rock, both the chisel's tip and the edges of the rock where the chisel has torn through are coloured bright red.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

A large eight legged hound made of solid bedrock and obsidian, coursing through him are rivers of magma and his back erupts into an ever leaking pool of lava while a long mane of fire extends down his back.

Divine Classification
Lesser God
Current Location
The Firelands
The Firelands
The Church of Draght
Skin Tone
Often depicted as a regular sized warhound.

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