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The Plot Thickens

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In an eon-defining conflict, during a time that predates life itself, the eight gods and goddesses of the material plane were in endless strife when Karoh was born of their power. As Balance Incarnate, Karoh brought harmony to the forces of good and evil, order and chaos, by enveloping the warring deities within its bosom. In doing so, a planet was born. The world was, is, and ever will be shaped by the conflicting forces that reside within.   In the ages of prehistory, Karoh progressed much like our Earth did: microbial life developed, evolved, and thrived, slowly but surely; valleys sank, mountains surged, and oceans spread. But the mass of energy was without true direction, and it was not until the fateful Planar Maelstrom that the world as it is came to be. The arcane frequency emitted by a slumbering Karoh resonated with each other plane at a precise moment, producing an intersection of realms that brought with it the legendary Primordials - avatars of their respective origins, insentient, primal, and created only to enact the will of their governing forces. As their energies mingled with material forces and merged with Karoh's Mankind, they ultimately gave birth to the humanoids inhabiting the planet today.   As the Planar Maelstrom came and passed and the powers of the planes began to dwindle, so too did the Primordials, and humanoids soon came to exercise dominion over much of Karoh. As the last Primordials perish, great surges of arcane energy ripple through the world. Each surge brings with it stronger, more fearsome entities from beyond the realm, the likes of which humanity had never even dreamt of. The unknown terrors of the planes beyond are knocking on the doors of civilization, more and more fiercely every passing year. The fearful will hide, the weak will succumb, and the hopeless will beg the sleeping gods for mercy.   In the wake of this planar struggle, those with a certain mettle must rise to the occasion to defend their homes, their loved ones, and their way of life. As these heroes train, battle, and triumph over their foes, they will shape history and establish a world in which their posterity can flourish. Their names will echo through the passage of time for all eternity. You know them, you love them, and now you will become them.   Adventurers will fight, and the weak will perish. Heroes will survive, but the Legends will never die.