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Knath Ait

Where the Dragons Went

Large palaces, with roosts prepared for the richest and greatest of creatures.   Great fields of fruit, vibrant and as colorful as the sun setting atop the sea.   Hushed whispers and deals, coin travelling from the hand of the lowest peasant to the wealthiest merchant.   Such things are part of the day-to-day goings on of Knath Ait. A city of wealth, trade, and profit, this place has been an important hallmark for most of the Forgotten Isles's known history.   Just mind the boardwalk at night. And never, ever agree to a dinner date with a dragon. Unless you are married to, or are said dragon. In any case, proceed with caution.


60% scalykind 18% human 15% halfling 5% elf 2% dwarf


The main infrastructure consists of an elected council of leaders. In turn, they communicate requirements for goods down the line. Sometimes, instructions are perverted or go missing, causing many items to be lost, and criminal elements to thrive.   Leading the council is the High Councilor, the technical mayor of the city. They speak with a diplomat from Scale's Edge on a monthly basis to send tribute and census information there, while also making sure that the economy remains stable.   Knath Ait is a protectorate state of Scale's Edge. It's current elected High Councillor, a powerful psionic, keeps to himself. His name has been lost to the people's ears, but some say he leads out of respect for his fallen master. Others say his name is Yurlungur. Even fewer people think that they have discovered something that keeps them occupied for most of their days.


Naval forces that surround the island, appx. 200-300 clippers, 20 galleons, 5 dreadnoughts Expeditionary Fleet of 20 ships, 1 dreadnought The Serpent Guard: appx. 3000 men and women who work as the city's lawgivers and guard The Shifting Vestige: Knath Ait's infantry, consisting of twenty-thousand active servicemen and twenty-three magic users

Industry & Trade

The city relies on the differing Trade Guilds to manage the goods and send them out. With the loss of the Trade Princes, Knath Ait's council organizes the guilds and focuses on making sure that the exports get where they need to go.   Each Guild manufactures a specific line of products, and there is much competition as to which guild will be the one to make a type of good. Entire bloodlines are dedicated to the mastery of a single thing. The family which makes the best nails in the city, for example, makes a fortune on it's goods. But they rely on the Guild that performs the art of ore refining, as many do. Bread cannot be made without wheat, wood cannot be cut without foresters, and so forth.   Knath Ait is famous for their bananas in Chitapok. Sweet, fresh fruit is their main export, especially the tropical variants, along with their ships and metalwork.     The most important import to the city is skilled labor. Knath Ait's families are very old, and bringing in new ideas and people helps to avoid inbreeding and to build a stronger knowledge base.


Roads, paved, throughout the city. A prepared shipyard at the docks and dry-dock for the dreaded Navy of Knath Ait. There are many walls made of strong materials, including a seawall to defend from naval attacks.   Most notable is the great investment in architecture, and expert masonry, along with the metalsmithing performed here. In recent years, metalsmithing has fallen out of favor for carpentry, leading to an increased demand in wood.


City Wealth: More Gold than one can count!     Commons: Several general stores     Docks: A singular general store with a monopoly over the market, and a bazaar     Artisans: Multiple trade guilds, mainly stagnated     Nobles: Diplomats, bureaucrats for uncivilized scaly tribes, military leaders     Gardens: Magical Fruit     Lamplighters: Contraband and Magical Items     Arena: Skilled Warriors     Tower: A nice inn and shop     Warehouses: Holds most of what's listed above

Guilds and Factions

See Government and Industry/Trade. Districts are the main factions here.     The Commons: A shorefront district where most of the humanoids and non-fullblooded members of scalykind live. Most surprisingly, it's councilor is a dwarf from Zanorkel, having earned the position through merit and clout within the city. Scale's Edge has put trade sanctions on the city over this, but they don't care.   The Docks (Docktown): Docktown has been a part of the city for longer than anything but the Tower. Beneath the district's umbrella lies the Bazaar of Wonders, where many come to buy, sell, and trade in exchange for foreign imports that come from the Elder Continent. The Three Cities also frequently conduct meetings here at the regularly held Goldenfang Gala.   The Tower: Mostly sparse, save for the Tower, where the High Councilor lives, and the businesses strewn about it. A preserved battlefield is near the tower itself, kept as a memorial to the many invasions upon the island's soil.   The Noble District: All of the wealthy movers and shakers, along with the famous Auction House is located here. The Auction House itself contains the rarest, most valuable treasures in the world. Only the greatest of thieves or fools would dare even try to rob it.   The Lamplighters: Think of a criminal, a drug, or a treasure. You can probably find it there.   The Arena: As above, except with warriors. The trained mercenaries and skilled soldiers of this district hold great influence within the city. After all, having your butt kicked sucks. If it's a dragon doing it, expect to lose your butt.   The Artisans: Most of the Trade Guilds are located here, along with their families and foundries.   The Warehouses, Garden, and Plantations: While each district holds a councilor, they don't have much in the way of organizations.


Originally, the Igyatoril-Krulrashk family colonized the island of Knath Ait. After many years of warmongering and influencing other cultures, they were slain and cast out, leaving few survivors. They too left, with the exception of one dragoness named Petragradryne, who made her lair on the island.   Many years later, a couple named Barry and Jaxswan arrived. They founded the city of Knath Ait there, with a host of mighty spellcasters. After years of moderate peace, Petragradryne appeared and ordered them to allow her a share of the city, since she had lived there first. This led to the formation of the Trade Princes - the richest people in a district would run it. Barry did not approve, and died of old age before resolving the matter, leading Jaxswan to dedicate his unending life to saving their city.   It led to many years of bad business, and following the Kobold Riots, the city went from it's golden age to an age of misery. Foreign powers attacked the city, and the enemies successfully did great harm, forcing it into a psuedo-protectorate of Uhnonia.   Besides all that, Knath Ait's trade princes and districts had struggled to keep business going, making the seedy underbelly of the city violent and dangerous. After years of these troubles, two groups of adventurers came to aid Jaxswan with his troubles, resulting in a time of stability - before a great evil was brought back from the dead. He tried to lay claim to the city, leading to open warfare, and the death by despair of Jaxswan.   Today, the city enjoys a comfortable, but fragile peace. No one wants to remember the great battles and loss of the Trade Princes. Nobody wants to think of how everything changed. Many of the people today were alive since before the Kobold Riots, leading to some embittered families finding exile when their fortunes were lost, and their houses exposed to enemies. But many others enjoy a life of potential profit, safety, and wealth beneath their new leaders.   Even today, Knath Ait remains a city of mystery and adventure...and coin, if you've got the right jib for it.


There are many spires, towers, and signs of draconic architecture. Buildings are more vertical than horizontal, and sized for beings far bigger than humans, with the exception of the Commons. The Commons has housing made of stone or mud formed from the sea. The other buildings are made of firm brick, imported masonry, or even metalworking if one is wealthy enough.   There tends to be signs of great deeds carved into the stonework, so that if eternity must end for a dragon, their legacy can be found wherever one looks. Open Roosts, large buildings, and other big structures that are clustered near small roads are the main feature of most districts, the Docks and Commons both being exceptions.

Natural Resources

Fish, sea fish that goes inland to saltwater pools to breed. They tend to be exotic, colorful, and rare. Pineapple and exotic fruits are also common. There are also imported animals which are bred and sold at a profit. This includes slaves.
Alternative Name(s)
The City of Dragons, The Bazaar of Wonders, The Trade City
Appx. 240000, circa 700 DR; Formerly 1000000
Inhabitant Demonym

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