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The Tsipastrachó


  A philosophy generated at the very edge of society in mockery of the higher echelons' infatuation with scholarly demeanour and their distaste for interacting with the commonfolk. It has been created from the darkest of humour, the most vicious of sarcasm and the extremely vitriolic disregard for societal norms bred in the depths of the slums of the nations' capitals.   The Tsipastrachó dress themselves in togas fashioned of rough linen to liken themselves to the renown philosophers of Qarion and, much like them, hold daily commutes and walks across the more impoverished districts of the cities to ponder over the recent happenings, events and thoughts. The most promiment school of this way of thought is located in Qarion, which also happens to be the epicentre of conventional philosophy. These "philosophers" revel in their daily walks across the cities, offending, arguing and being a general nuisance to both the low and high echelons of society. They oftentimes barge into the richer districts to wage psychological warfare against the burgoisie, but are promptly removed. In some cities, like Qarion, the Tsipastrachó are outright forbidden from entering these districts and the worst offenders are branded with a hot iron so as to be well recognizable by the guard.  

Notable Members


Qoitech the Sark

  The mastermind behind the recently surfaced movement, he keeps a sizeable "guild" of the philosophers in Qarion and leads them on campaigns of harrasment against the middle-class, after they have been ousted from the public spaces of the Higher Districts. He once lead a rebellion when the leader of the Tsipastrachó in Íomón ousted his faction, which forced him to establish his fellow "philosophers" in Qarion instead.  

Lóbidnachos Maernin

  A man greatly infatuated with the military culture of the various nations, he is quickly to mock the "peasants" which do not uphold to his ideals of the ideal man, wrought in warfare. Designating himself as the "right hand" of Qoitech and his "military commander", he is the main strategist of their various excursions, also functioning as an infiltrator, where he pretends to be a high-ranking Lóbidnachi of Bhémes, a General of sorts, hailing from a far-reaching family of renown warriors.  

Reclusive Pychos

  One of the greatest disciples of the mastermind Qoitech, Pychos once stood side-by-side with the creator of this philosophical school, mounting many offensives and spearheading grand efforts of the greatest invasions into the districts of the much-despised burgoisie "scum". Yet, nowadays, as is reported, he has become distant from the main group of the Tsipastrachó, leaving for a different guild of would-be philosophers in the capital of Paerthí, Inistreion.  

Mahni Qechilsó

  One of the very few female members od the Tsipastrachó, she holds opinions unconventional in the circles of this irony-laden philosophy. Unconventional, however, in the sense that they are not as extreme as the opinions held by the others, serving oftentimes as a much-needed voice of reason. She usually refuses participation in the verbally violent raids on the noble districts and seems to have lately abandoned this prospect entirely, though staying with the philosophers nonetheless.

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