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Nalek, the Deluded Priest

The party has come into knowledge that the druids and rangers have begun to disappear from lands. This can be done via rumours or from a member of the party being a druid or ranger and hearing from the circle. Any number of methods could be used to introduce the players to this level 2-4 adventure.   Backstory:
  The cleric Nalek desires to fill the vacated post of God of the Dead or high priest of the God of the Dead. He has been studying the ancient books of past peoples and found that ghouls could be created through a complex ritual. Realizing it would be even better to desecrate nature in the process, Nalek created a ritual to turn rangers and druids into corrupted ghouls who in turn would kill the surrounding areas. Only problem is, he's still testing the ritual and capturing the druids and rangers for testing on their living bodies.   In addition, Nalek is proclaiming himself a god, and summoning followers to him as believers, moving him in strength towards being a god.
  Nalek - Chain - AC 16 - HP 40 - Scythe +1 d8+2, To hit +4 Cleric-5th, S 13 D 11 C 16 I 17 W 15 Ch 18
    The party will come across some followers going to a temple for a pilgramage to Nalek. They can follow them, or get information from the pilgrams in a number of ways to find the temple. The group of followers should be 8-12 normal individuals.   The temple is built into the side of a stone outcropping covered in sand in the desert. It is guarded by 2 human fighters in chain covering leather with scimitars, both level 2.   The antechamber is a gathering room leading into the main temple through a pair of double wood doors built into the rock. The temple is just past the antechamber, and contains an alter 8 feet long with woman tied and unconscious on it, with numerous skulls and candles about. In addition, Nalek is behind the alter, an acolyte, and 2-8 second level fighters, as described above watch. On the floor by the alter are 3 others, a druid and two rangers, tied and unconscious. Next to the alter is a book stand with a book containing ritual instructions, recently written, and numerous changes made throughout. Naleks ritual will fail on all 4 individuals, but may create a 2 HD zombie from the resulting corpse 25% of the time. After each ritual he edits the book next to him.   1 Acolyte - AC 12 - Scythe - d8+1, to hit +2 - cleric 3
  Behind the alter and to the left and right, are doors, the left leading to a room with several bunks and footlockers, and the right to a lavish room with desk, books, and two giant skeletons. Giant Skeleton - AC 13 - HP 54 - Punch 1d6+6, To hit +6
  Skeletons 2x - AC 13
10 10 The following books and items can be found about the room: "About the Undead", "Necromantic Lore", "On the Old Gods", old books in Necronic about raising undead, old notes about raising gods, personal notes anotating the above, personal notes on using people of the earth as ghouls, personal notes on plans to destroying the druids/rangers/farmers to gain a following to godhood.

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5 May, 2023 05:04

Good job overall. It sort of feels more to me like a culmination of a couple of previous sessions(how do you know where the temple is, was any investigation done etc), but i can also see how it definitely works as a one shot.

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