Nalek is a cleric following the path of death and necromancy aspects. He desires to create an undead army of ghouls, skeletons, zombies, and any other undead he can come up with to control.   Nalek was originally a member of the Relic Chasers on Karenth Centralis, Continent of. When his party was chased through some ruins, he ended up being trapped in a room that he had baricaded himself in. The room turned out to be the sanctum of a long dead necromancer. The adjoining rooms were still intact including a small library, bed chambers, entombment chamber, and living quarters.   Nalek had the ability to create food and water and kept himself locked in the area for several months as he translated the books. Realizing the power before him, he opened the door he originally came through and recovered two of the bodies of his fallen comrads to use for experimentation.   Shortly after that, he converted to the new aspects and was able to move freely through the ruins with his new power and knowledge, along with the translations of the important books he had found.   Nalek went searching for the old temple mentioned in on of the books, and once there, setup shop to use as a base of operations. Over time he would campture individuals and small groups to use on his experiments to turn living beings directly into ghouls without killing them first, a hideous ritual. However the god who held power over the found temple realized what was happening and came to Nalek in his dreams telling him not to do this work. Nalek shrugged it off as a dream, and the god sending the dreams was displeased, as he was not an aspect of death or necromancy, and despised both. His time was focused mostly elsewhere on the plane and held out for some time before directly intervening.

Cover image: by Elena Ivashchenko


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